Everything You Need to Know About Statement Necklaces

There is something about jewelry that has the power to elevate any look. And when it comes to making a bold style statement, nothing beats a statement necklace. Whether you're going for an edgy, chic, or glamorous look, a statement necklace can instantly jazz up any outfit and make you feel like the belle of the ball.

Statement necklaces come in all shapes and sizes with various materials. From intricate beading to delicate chain designs, these pieces can be as bold or subtle as you want them to be. Whether you prefer classic pearl strands, dramatic chokers, or geometric shapes, there is a statement necklace that can suit your individual style. 

What Is a Statement Necklace?

what is a statement necklace

As the name suggests, a statement necklace is a necklace that "makes a statement." In other words, it makes you stand out from the crowd. How, exactly? By grabbing people's attention with unique and interesting designs. The point of wearing a necklace that makes a statement is to add style and confidence to your look. If the piece is large, intricate, colorful, or a combination of all, it's most likely a statement necklace.

Are Statement Necklaces Still in Style?

While fashion is cyclical, statement necklaces are always fashionable. There has always been a trend toward wearing a large, eye-catching necklace, from the time of Cleopatra and the Romans to the Roaring Twenties in the United States. Also, the key to being stylish is how you put everything together, not what you have. You may own the most recent fashion, but if you don't know how to style it, you may look dated.

How to Wear a Statement Necklace?

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When wearing a statement necklace, the key is to keep everything else simple. The idea is to make your jewelry stand out so you don't want any other pieces competing with it.

If you're wearing a big, bold necklace with a gaudy design and bright colors, try pairing it with an all-black outfit or one that's in a single color. This will create a classic, sophisticated look that lets the necklace take center stage.

For something more casual, you can pair it with jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers for a chic street style look. To dress up a statement necklace, use it to elevate an elegant evening look or wedding outfit. Try wearing it over a simple dress or top with trousers, and keep everything else minimal. That way, your statement necklace can shine.

What Earrings to Wear With a Statement Necklace?

 statement necklace and earrings

Whoever said that there are no rules in fashion doesn't know how to dress. Okay, we're kidding! Of course, you can break the rules if that's your style. But when it comes to accessories, there are certain guidelines you should follow if you want the look to make sense.  

When wearing a statement necklace, it's better to keep the earrings simple and let the necklace take center stage. Stick with small studs or drop earrings in a classic metal or pearl finish for balance. Alternatively, if you're going for a more eclectic look, you can pair your statement necklace with bold dangle earrings. But if you're looking for subtlety, stick to the studs.

Color-wise, it's best to match your earrings with the color of your necklace. If you're wearing a multicolored necklace, pick a single color for the earrings and use that as an accent throughout your look. 

How Do You Layer Necklaces?

layered necklaces by heidi daus

Who said you could only wear one necklace? Have fun with your accessories and layer multiple necklaces for an interesting look. To do this, you'll need two or more pieces that complement each other without being too similar.

When layering necklaces, vary the lengths, so they don't clash. For example, if one is a choker, choose a longer piece to bring balance. You can also mix textures and metallics, such as a dainty gold chain with a bold silver piece, for an edgier look. And finally, don't forget to play around with shapes, like pairing pearls with geometric designs. 

With so many possibilities, you'll have plenty of opportunities to express your individual style with statement necklaces and other accessories. So the next time you're getting dressed, think out of the box and have fun with your outfit! Try layering several pieces to create a look that will make heads turn. And don't forget to wear your confidence—it's the best accessory of all. 

How to Put on a Necklace With Long Nails

Putting on a necklace with long nails can be tricky, and you don't want to risk damaging your jewelry. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. Change to a magnetic clasp: If you can't quit the acrylic, we suggest changing your necklace's clasp to a magnetic one. Magnetic clasps are easier to close, so you won't struggle as much when putting on your jewelry.
  2. Use a bobby pin: Tuck one end of the necklace into a bobby pin and use it to attach the clasp. This way, you won't have to use your nails.
  3. Use your thumbs: Position the clasp on the side of your thumb so your nails are out of the way. With the other hand, use the side of your thumb to open up the clasp. Basically, use the sides of your thumbs to open and close the clasps.
  4. Use gloves: If all else fails, opt for wearing gloves when handling your jewelry. Long nails can make grabbing tiny things like clasps difficult, so gloves provide more area to grab onto.
  5. Ask for help: If you're still having trouble, don't be afraid to ask a friend or family member for help. After all, two heads are better than one.

How to Untangle a Necklace?

Let's be honest—we've all been there. You get ready in the morning, take your necklace off its stand, and it's tangled into a big mess. Don't worry! Follow these steps to help you untangle your necklace with ease.

  1. Lay the necklace flat: Start by laying the necklace out on a flat surface. This will help you have a better view of the knots and tangles, making them easier to untangle.
  2. Locate the necklace's ends: You'll need to find one end of the necklace in order to start unknotting it. If you're having trouble locating the ends, use a magnifying glass or a flashlight.
  3. Start untangling from the middle: Once you've identified both ends of your necklace, begin unraveling knots and tangles from the middle outwards. It's important to start in the middle because it helps you have a better view of the entire necklace.
  4. Use mild soap: If you're having trouble untangling the knots, you can try using a mild soap and water solution. This will help lubricate the metal mesh of your necklace, making it easier to untangle.
  5. Don't force it: It's important to be patient when trying to untangle a necklace. Avoid forcing it as this may damage the delicate metal.

Untangling a necklace can be tricky, but with a little patience and practice, you'll get there in no time! Once you've mastered the art of untangling necklaces, you'll be able to take on whatever fashion challenge comes your way.

How to Measure Necklace Length?

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Use a ruler or measuring tape to determine the exact length of the necklace. Take the necklace you plan to wear and measure its length from end to end. If you want to measure the circumference of your neck, wrap a piece of string or a tape measure around it.  Make sure to measure from the base of your throat. The string or tape should comfortably fit around your neck without being too tight.

When it comes to choosing the perfect necklace length, it really comes down to personal preference. Many people prefer wearing a necklace that is 17-20 inches long, but a longer chain may be more appropriate for certain styles. Experiment with different lengths to find the one that works best for you.

The standard necklace sizes are the following:

  • Collars and chokers (12-16 inches)
  • Princess length or mid-length (17-19 inches)
  • Matinee (20-24 inches)
  • Opera (26-36 inches)
  • Rope or lariat lengths (36-48 inches)

How to Pack Necklaces?

If you plan on traveling with your necklaces, it's important to take the time to pack them properly so they don't become tangled during transit. 

One of the best ways to pack necklaces is by using a jewelry roll. It will keep your items separated, preventing them from tangling or becoming damaged. If you don't have a jewelry roll, try using a necklace box or even a thin piece of cardboard folded in half to keep your items safe.

If you're in a pinch, you can use zippered plastic bags or small pouches to store your necklaces. Just make sure they are securely fastened, so they don't get tangled. It's also helpful to have a separate pouch for each necklace. This will make it easier to identify them and keep them organized in your suitcase.

Packing necklaces may take some time and patience, but if done properly, it can protect your favorite jewelry pieces from damage while traveling.

How to Store Necklaces?

If you want to keep your jewelry in excellent condition, you must store it. Leaving jewelry outside exposes it to elements like moisture, dust, and pollution that can corrode the metals over time. Here are some tips to help you keep your necklaces organized and tangle-free:

  1. Keep them in separate compartments or boxes: It's important to store each necklace separately, as this will prevent them from getting tangled or damaged. You can use a jewelry box that has individual compartments for each necklace.

  1. Hang them up: Consider investing in a jewelry organizer that has hooks and compartments. This will make it easier to hang up your necklaces, so they don't get tangled or damaged over time.

  1. Line them up: You can also line up your necklaces on a tray or in a drawer. Make sure you keep the chains separated from one another, as this will prevent them from getting tangled. To prevent scratches we recommend using velvet or satin fabric to protect them.

When it comes to storing necklaces, the most important thing is to keep them away from moisture and sunlight. Doing this will help protect your accessories from fading or tarnishing, ensuring they stay in perfect condition for years to come. With the proper storage and the occasional cleaning, your necklaces will remain beautiful for a lifetime.

How to Clean a Necklace?

Cleaning your necklace should be done regularly, especially if you wear it often. With time, your jewelry will accumulate dirt and dust, making it look dull. Now, there are plenty of ways to clean a necklace; the best depends on the material and stones. Here are some tips to help you keep your necklaces clean:

  1. Use jewelry cleaner: Jewelry cleaner is a great way to remove dirt and oils from your accessories. Simply apply a few drops of the cleaner to a soft cloth and gently rub it around the necklace.
  2. Use a jewelry brush: A jewelry brush is also helpful for removing dirt and grime from your necklaces. Make sure you use a soft bristled brush to avoid damaging the material or stones.
  3. Use warm water and soap: This is a simple and effective way to clean your necklaces. All you have to do is mix some mild soap in warm water and submerge the necklace for a few minutes. After that, just rinse it off with clean water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

If your necklace has gemstones or precious metals, make sure to take extra care when cleaning it, as they may be prone to damage. For best results, always use a soft cloth to avoid scratches, and dry the necklace thoroughly before storing it away. By following these simple tips, you can easily keep your necklaces looking like new. With regular cleaning and proper storage, they will last you a lifetime!

Where to Buy Necklaces?

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The best place to start is online if you're looking for a new necklace. There are dozens of retailers offering a wide range of styles and materials, so you can easily find one that suits your taste and budget. We recommend shopping around and comparing prices before making your decision.

You can also purchase necklaces in-store at your local jewelry store. This is a great option if you want to try on the necklace before making your purchase. Additionally, many stores offer customization services, so you can have a one-of-a-kind piece made just for you! 

No matter where you buy your necklaces, make sure they are of good quality and come with a warranty. Investing in high-quality jewelry will ensure it lasts you for years to come! 

Find The Perfect Piece

heidi daus statement jewelry

If you are looking for the perfect necklaces to complete your look, then the Heidi Daus collection is sure to have something for you. Each piece is handcrafted with exquisite detail, giving it a unique and timeless elegance. From bold statement pieces to delicate bejeweled designs, there's something for everyone in this stunning range of jewelry. 

Whether you're shopping for yourself or as a gift, these beautiful necklaces will make any outfit shine. So head over to Heidi Daus and add some glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe today!