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    Heidi Daus offers high-end women’s jackets, blazers and more for women who love to stand out. With Heidi's ladies designer jackets and some of her most popular statement jewelry, you will shine!

    Which brand is best for ladies’ jackets?

    Heidi Daus “Luxe Be a Lady” reversible women’s designer coat.

    Finding the best brand of ladies’ designer coats really depends on you. The best brand is the one that suits you best. For example, at Heidi Daus, we pride ourselves on offering women’s jackets for sale that fit elegant, sophisticated and confident women. If you like luxurious and flashy high-end women's coats that make you stand out, Heidi Daus is the brand for you.

    What women's designer coats are trending now?

    One of the women's coats' trends of 2024 is color. Bright, colorful, and unique ladies’ designer coats are what everyone’s talking about. At Heidi Daus, you can find the flashier and most colorful women’s jackets for sale you can think of. Browse her apparel collection today for a coat that will turn heads.

    About Heidi’s High-End Women Coats

    Heidi Daus’ apparel goes to the same meticulous process as her renowned, statement jewelry collections. They are carefully designer, crafted, and inspected to meet all of her standards. Heidi’s women’s designer coats are intricate and feature stunning color combinations that are sure to make a big impression. Find reversible jackets, pants, tank tops, cocktail dresses, and more.

    Customer Favorites

    Heidi Daus reversible mocha and violet women’s designer coat.Heidi Daus® "Luxe Be A Lady" Heidi's Reversible Blazer

    Kathryn H.


    SOOOOO IN LOOOVVVEEE...with Heidi's VERY CHIC "Luxe Be A Lady" Mocha/Violet Jacket.  These REVERSIBLE Jackets are MAGNIFICENT with ALL of Heidi's Creations!!! xoxo

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    Heidi Daus pink reversible dragonfly high-end women’s coat.HEIDI DAUS®"Heidi's Signature Damoiselle" Reversible Dragonfly Jacket

    Theresa Triantafilou


    Oh boy!  This jacket is so vibrant.  I love that it’s reversible!  The detail with dragonflies makes it so unique.  Also I love that it has pockets!  Can’t wait to wear it.

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    What jackets are in fashion?

    Fashion trends vary season to season and year to year. However, some of the most lasting ladies’ designer coat trends include statement jackets. Statement jackets are exactly as their name suggests…jackets that make a statement. They tend to be colorful, unique, trendy, and flashy. 

    Heidi Daus is a recognized statement jewelry brand that also makes statement high-end women’s coats. Heidi Daus women’s designer coats contain unique color combinations, prints, and stand out for being reversible jackets. Statement jackets by Heidi Daus are ideal for a variety of occasions, including formal events and casual outings. The brand offers blazers and longer reversible jackets.

    What is so special about Heidi Daus high-end women’s coats?

    Heidi Daus offers women’s jackets for sale for elegant, sophisticated, and confident women. Heidi Daus jackets are carefully designed and crafted to be of the highest quality. Additionally, similar to the brand’s statement jewelry, Heidi Daus women’s designer coats can be compared to “wearable art”, offering unique looks, colors, prints, and details.