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From elegant engagement rings, to alluring bracelets covered in precious stones. Heidi Daus is characterized by creating some of the most appealing fashion jewelry pieces in the market. Browse our categories for the high costume jewelry for you.

Customer Reviews

Heidi Daus, Wearable Art for Jewelry Lovers

For over 35 yeas, Heidi Daus has been making fashion jewelry that stands out from the rest. Made for jewelry lovers and people who love to express themselves, Heidi Daus’ high-end jewelry can only be described as “wearable art”.

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Heidi Daus wearing a high-end jewelry necklace from her “Draped in Deco” Collection.

How is Heidi Daus Jewelry Made?

Heidi Daus designs and fabricates many unique and flashy pieces that stand out. The Heidi Daus high-end jewelry process involves:


Deciding on the details


Naming the piece

What Are the Most Popular Heidi Daus Pieces?

Heidi Daus offers a wide collection of stunning fashion jewelry pieces in all categories. From rings, to necklaces, to pins, Heidi Daus has it all. However, there are some of the statement jewelry pieces that have stood out to customers. The top 3 customer picks which have garnered numerous reviews are:

"Chesapeake Beauty" Crystal Crab Pin

"Devil Wears Heidi" Crystal Button Earring

"Make Some Waves" Crystal Statement Ring

How to Take Care of Heidi Haus High-End Jewelry?

Some tips to properly maintain and care for Heidi Daus jewelry include:

Proper storing
Avoid contact with harsh chemicals
Keep it dry

What is considered high-end jewelry?

The term high-end jewelry refers to the most expensive and sought after pieces from jewelry brands. They tend to be the more unique and usually refer to a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. High-end pieces can be anything from necklaces to rings.

For Heidi Daus, high-end jewelry can also refer to costume jewelry. These pieces in comparison, are less expensive than typical high-end pieces but still maintain the high quality that’s characteristic of them. 

What is trending in fashion jewelry right now?

We’re still in the height of summer, which makes it a great time to wear fun and colorful jewelry pieces. The Boardwalk Bling Collection by Heidi Daus delivers necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that look great with any summer outfit. Additionally, jewelry pieces that are inspired by the beach are can compliment your trendy summer look. The "Sea-Sonal Garden" Crystal Starfish Button Earrings feature little crystals that form a little starfish. It’s perfect making your beach outfit more fun.

What does statement jewelry mean?

Statement jewelry pieces are those that help people express themselves. Just as their name says, they are pieces that make a statement. It’s eye-catching, represents your personality, what you love, and they’re anything but bland. Heidi Daus is known for making alluring costume statement pieces such as the "Palace Glam" Beaded Crystal Necklace and the "Fringe Fatale" Beaded Crystal Deco Necklace

Heidi Daus’ Past Perfected necklace.