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    56 products

    Jewelry Pins

    Heidi Daus designs unique vintage brooch pins that can elevate any outfit. There is a Heidi Daus women’s brooch for every occasion. From colorful flower brooches and fun crystal pins, to more glamorous and elegant silver pins, gold pins, and more. Browse a wide selection of brooches and find the vintage brooch pin that best suits your style now. 

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    Why Wear Jewelry Pins?

    Jewelry pins, also known as brooches, are elegant accessories that serve as accent pieces for any outfit. They go beyond the usual and simple safety pins and lapel pins we know of. These are elegant women’s brooches that can enhance and add more spice to the wearer’s ensemble. 

    Pins come in many different sizes and materials. Additionally, there is a wide range of jewelry pin designs to choose from, which makes it easier to incorporate them into any outfit. If you’re going for an elegant look, an intricate and luxurious brooch pin might be the right accessory. On the other hand, a simple pin can help enhance a more casual look.

    Jewelry pins have been popular accessories for years, and they are great for adding the last touch to an already great outfit.

    About Heidi Daus Vintage Brooches

    If you’re looking for new pins to add to your collection, or looking for your very first pin, Heidi Daus women’s brooches are a great option. They are carefully designed and hand-set. They represent Heidi’s passion of offering a wide range of sophisticated and elegant accessories for jewelry lovers.

    There is a Heidi Daus jewelry pin for every taste. You can find dazzling pins such as the "Shimmering Dragon" Crystal Dragon Pin. Alternatively, Heidi Daus also offers smaller and more casual pin designs like the "You're A Gem" Crystal Pin. A great option for all pin lovers is the "Chesapeake Beauty" Crystal Crab Pin, one of the most reviewed and popular Heidi Daus accessories.

    Customer Favorites

    Heidi Daus Crystal Dragonfly Pin.

    Heidi Daus® "Trembling Brilliance" Crystal Dragonfly Pin

    Anne K.


    I did not understand the magnitude of this pin until it arrived today! It is absolutely stunning! Huge, vibrant, and memorable. The trembling wings add to its magnificence. Everyone should have this pin! Shop Now


    Heidi Daus Crystal Pin

    Heidi Daus® "You're A Gem" Crystal Pin

    Patricia D.


    I love this pin, and having ordered several, I gave one each to three of the essential nurses and office staff at my primary care physician's office. They were very surprised and deeply touched to receive a pin of recognition from Heidi Daus' collection. They will wear the "Gems" proudly. Thank you. Shop Now

    Heidi Daus Crystal Dove Bird Pin

    HEIDI DAUS® "Dreaming Of Peace" Crystal Dove Bird Pin

    Theresa Triantafilou


    This pin is very unique.  Much larger than I thought.  The gold is very eye-catching as well.  It also Carrie’s a message of peace which we all need right now and proceeds went to Ukraine.  It was an easy purchase choice knowing you are helping Ukraine! Shop Now



    What is a brooch jewelry pin?

    A brooch pin is a jewelry piece that fastens to a piece of clothing with a rotating pin clasp. Women’s brooches usually feature precious gemstones, bright colors, and intricate designs. People wear jewelry pins to enhance their outfits and bring more shine and color to it.

    Are brooches still fashionable?

    Yes, pins are still a fashion trend in 2022. Pin collectors never get tired of them and as time goes by, younger people get more interested in wearing these jewelry pieces to boost their outfit. Pins also catch everyone's eye because of their vivid colors and intricate designs.

    What's the difference between jewelry pins and brooches?

    The word pin and brooch can be used interchangeably for most jewelry pins. However, the term pin refers to a general category that encompasses all pins whereas brooches are a specific type of jewelry pin that is usually larger.