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    47 products

    The first time you slide on one of Heidi's elegant diamond dinner rings is always a magical moment. The beautiful attention to detail of these statement rings is a true sign of expert craftsmanship. Whether it's a classic ring you're looking for or one of her more modern designs, Heidi ensures your fingers are draped in luxury. Heidi offers big rings for women who love to stand out and express themselves through jewelry. 

    Stay tuned to Heidi’s show “Heidi Daus Jewelry Celebration” for new statement ring designs, colors, and styles.

    What is a statement ring?

    Statement jewelry is big, flashy, bold, and over-the-top. Statement pieces tend to be worn by people who want to make a statement, stand out from the crowd and express themselves through jewelry

    Examples of statement pieces include cocktail rings and diamond dinner rings. These tend to feature big jewelry crystals and flashy colors. Big rings for women are a must in any woman’s jewelry collection.

    How do I choose a statement ring?

    Heidi Daus statement ring

    A statement women’s ring can be a great gift for a variety of occasions, including anniversaries and engagements. You should keep 4 things in mind when it comes to choosing a statement anniversary ring: 

    1. Choose a metal she wears often: Does she wear white gold or rose gold? Maybe sterling silver is her favorite. Be sure to choose a big ring for women that fits your significant other’s taste.

    2. Select her favorite color: Statement rings tend to be very colorful, but one that’s her favorite color will be even more special.

    3. Have a special occasion in mind: A diamond dinner ring that she can wear in upcoming events will be a great gift.

    4. Match it to an outfit: Be sure her ring will match her favorite outfit, so she can wear it to enhance it.

    About Heidi Daus rings

    Heidi Daus statement rings go through a rigorous process of sketching, detailing, crafting, and naming. Heidi is involved every step of the way to ensure the final product is as dazzling as she imagined. Browse her wide selection of rings for the one that fits your style. Whether you’re looking for a cocktail ring, a promise ring, or a fun jewelry gift, there’s a Heidi statement ring for any occasion.


    Customer Favorites

    Heidi Daus crystal magnetic interchangeable ring.

    Heidi Daus® "Enchante" Crystal Magnetic Interchangeable Ring

    Selena H.


    How could you possibly go wrong? So many options and they're loaded with stones. The magnets are very sturdy. Would love a pearl magnetic necklace to add these beauties to, Miss Heidi Shop Now



    Heidi Daus crystal statement ring.

    HEIDI DAUS®"Dare To Wear" Crystal Statement Ring

    Kathy Q.


    SO GLAD to finally have this GORGEOUS "Dare To Wear" ring in the true red version!! Took a chance, and ordered the size 7 because the 8's were sold out, and surprisingly it fits both of my ring fingers and my left middle finger so I'm even MORE pleased!!! Thank you Heidi for the great "March Madness" sale price too!!! This is my 3rd "Dare To Wear" ring purchase, and I cherish them all! Comfortable, beautiful gallery workmanship, and that huge RED oval center stone-LUV, LUV!!! This ring would be FABULOUS in true emerald green too (hint, hint?)!! Shop Now

    Heidi Daus oversized crystal statement ring.

    HEIDI DAUS®"Fabulous Feng Shui" Oversized Crystal Statement Ring

    Donna B.


    I love this ring! I have it in three other colors as well. It's truly a fashion statement and makes me feel classy and elegant when I wear either of them.

    Thank you Heidi for elevating my jewelry collections Shop Now



    Which finger do you wear a statement ring?

    These big rings for women are usually worn on the right hand’s middle or ring finger. It shouldn’t stand in the way or distract from engagement or wedding rings, which is why it’s normally not worn on the left hand.

    Are statement rings in style?

    These luxurious and elegant diamond dinner rings never really go out of style. Statement jewelry is always popular with jewelry lovers, however, people are understanding more and more the meaning of having a jewelry piece that stands out and represents their personality.