Wear Statement Jewelry to Showcase Your Personality

Jewelry can be a way to tell the world something without ever speaking a word. A wedding ring tells people "I'm married!" An engagement ring says "I'm in love!" A fancy watch says "I've worked hard and I made it!" 

These are far from the only pieces of jewelry that tell people things about you. In fact, statement jewelry was made for this specific reason. When you want the world to take notice of you and your style, you want a piece of Heidi Daus jewelry that speaks for you!

Table of Contents

  • What Is Statement Jewelry?
  • Our Favorite Statement Jewelry
  • "Palace Glam" Beaded Crystal Necklace
  • "Fringe Fatale" Beaded Crystal Deco Necklace
  • "Floral Fanfare" Beaded Crystal Floral Necklace
  • "Bella Veneto" Crystal Deco Bracelet
  • "Magnificent Garden" Beaded Crystal Floral Dangle Earrings
  • Order Heidi Daus Statement Jewelry Online

What Is Statement Jewelry?

Simply put, statement jewelry is exactly what it sounds like. It is costume jewelry that makes a statement! Do you love a piece of jewelry that tells the world, or at least the room you're in, that you're not afraid to let your personality shine through? Good for you! These pieces of jewelry are big, bold, unique, flashy, beautiful, and anything but bland. They turn heads and start a conversation. 

Our Favorite Statement Jewelry



If this sounds exactly like your style, Heidi Daus has the statement jewelry you're looking for. Just a few of our favorite pieces include:

"Palace Glam" Beaded Crystal Necklace

There will be no question as to who is center stage when you walk into the room wearing the "Palace Glam" Beaded Crystal Necklace. This costume jewelry piece is absolutely over the top, in a really fun and fabulous way. It features a stunning double decker crystal pave collar attached to four strands of flawless carnelian beads. Its generously sized capri blue and fuchsia square cut crystals frame the top collar and square drop station. Twenty carnelian and aventurine beaded drops adorn the edges adding movement and drama. It's the perfect way to take a simple dress or top and make it something special.

"Fringe Fatale" Beaded Crystal Deco Necklace



Black goes with everything and so does the "Fringe Fatale" Beaded Crystal Deco Necklace. Rendered in faceted jet colored beads and square cut jet crystals, this necklace is quite a showstopper! Featuring a stunning fringe center station with nine graduated drops, this statement style is all about drama and elegance. You can either pair it with a bright-colored top for a pop of style or with a black dress to be sultry and sexy. The possibilities are limitless!

"Floral Fanfare" Beaded Crystal Floral Necklace

The "Floral Fanfare" Beaded Crystal Floral Necklace proves that statement jewelry can be delicate and feminine as well. It features a generously sized floral center station that is strung from six strands of light beige beads with dazzling rose gold, silk, and crystal golden shadow crystals. This flawless style is flattering on every skin tone under the sun and is sure to amplify your natural glow. 

"Bella Veneto" Crystal Deco Bracelet

Who said a necklace is the only way to make a statement? Not us! The "Bella Veneto" Crystal Deco Bracelet proves a lot can be said with your wrist as well. This gorgeous bracelet features 21 fancy and round cut stones with a unique high dome profile and extra facets in order to maximize dimension and shine. These proprietary stones are exclusive to Heidi Daus jewelry and can not be found anywhere else in the world!

"Magnificent Garden" Beaded Crystal Floral Dangle Earrings



Earrings are a fantastic way to make a statement and turn a simple dress into something spectacular. If this sounds like something you like, you're looking for the "Magnificent Garden" Beaded Crystal Floral Dangle Earrings. They're large enough to turn heads, yet feminine enough to be pretty and elegant. 

Order Heidi Daus Statement Jewelry Online

We love statement jewelry just as much as you do! We encourage you to browse our website and shop for your favorites. You're sure to find new statement jewelry that is the perfect accent to your favorite outfit. Make a style statement without saying a word with one of our pieces!