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    Brand New Statement Jewelry Pieces by Heidi Daus

    Heidi Daus is a renowned statement jewelry brand that offers some of the industry's most sophisticated and unique pieces of jewelry. Women who love to stand out can find the most flattering pieces that match their style and taste. 

    Also referred to as “wearable art,” Heidi Daus’ pieces are big, chunky, colorful, and everything you can ask for in statement jewelry. Browse our newly released statement jewelry pieces for sale and find the ideal one to grow your jewelry collection. 

    Stay tuned to “Heidi Daus Jewelry Celebration” for the newest releases in jewelry and women’s apparel by Heidi. 


    About Heidi’s Chunky Statement Necklaces, Bracelets, and More

    Statement jewelry pieces for sale.

    Heidi Daus’ new releases include every piece you need to complete your outfit—from colorful statement earrings to brooches, and much more. You’ll love every piece so much that you’ll want to buy the entire collection.

    Each Heidi Daus piece is carefully designed and crafted to meet our quality standards. Moreover, they offer everything you’re looking for in a statement piece: color, shine, size, and uniqueness.

    Explore our new releases for the right piece to expand your statement jewelry collection.




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    Heidi Daus® "Baaaa-rnabas" Enamel Beaded Crystal Sheep Button Earrings

    Kathy Q.


    These earrings are SO CUTE!! Lightweight and sparkly, with a large, beautiful imitation(though you wouldn't know the difference) mabe pearl making up the lamb's body. I tried so hard to capture in my photo the aqua-colored crystal eyes, and the pink enameling on the ears, but after several takes, this was the best I could do with my camera. I know there's an exact (although larger) matching pin that goes with these earrings, but I bought my earrings to go with my "Critter Baby" lamb pin that was introduced this past winter/spring on Heidi"s website and sold out. I think they'll look GREAT together!! SO glad these became available here, and that they were on sale!! Thank you, Ms Heidi, for your adorable critters!! Please keep them coming!! A white cat pin, perhaps? I have an all-white cat with golden eyes which used to be grayish when he was young, and he had a gray crescent moon-shaped mark on the very top of his head as a kitten, which faded completely away by the time he was a year old (but I have pictures of it!), but both are why I named him Moonstone, Moon for short. He's almost 18 now, 86 in human years I recently read, and I would LOVE to have maybe a white opal crystal or white pearl and crystal cat pin with a pink nose, long pink ears, and pink paws (as my Moon has) to go with my pink paw print pin to commemorate him? He's a taller, thinner breed of cat with eyes that turn up in the outer corners, and small facial features and overall bone structure, with a long thin tail. Just a suggestion, and thank you so very, very much if you would even consider this!! Your cat pins are amazing, I already own several, and display them regularly depending on the season. My HD Halloween/autumn cat pins are about to come out very soon! I pin them to seasonal decorative potholders and hang them on my fridge and elsewhere around the house. So pretty!! Thank you again for the beautiful artwork you give us in your many, varied creations!!!

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    What Is a Statement Piece in Jewelry?

    Statement jewelry is exactly what the name implies. Jewelry that makes a statement. They are bold and unique. Some examples include chunky statement necklaces, colorful statement earrings, and sophisticated statement brooches.They draw attention to the wearer and make them stand out from the crowd. 

    Are Chunky Statement Necklaces Still Fashionable?

    Yes! Statement jewelry pieces are timeless accessories and turn heads no matter the current trends. They make the wearer feel more confident, proud, and unique. Plus, they are easy to integrate into any outfit, no matter how modern.

    How to Style Colorful Statement Earrings?

    There are a few tips you should follow to incorporate your new colorful statement earrings into your outfits seamlessly. These include:

    1. Make sure the statement jewelry piece matches the occasion, just as you would choose an outfit for it.
    2. If your outfit is the main piece of your look, make sure your jewelry does not draw attention from it.
    3. Take your face shape into consideration.
    4. Choose jewelry that illuminates your skin tone.
    5. If you’re wearing black, pair it with something bold.

    Are Statement Brooches Classy?

    Yes, definitely. Depending on the style of brooch you choose, it can be really elegant and a great piece of jewelry to add to your outfit for a big event. Sophisticated statement brooches feature subtle colors, designs, and elements.