How to Choose a Statement Anniversary Ring

Your upcoming anniversary is an important one. Why? Because your spouse, fiance, or girlfriend is important to you! You love her, and you want to show her just how much you care. Chances are good that she will love a new statement ring. In case the thought of choosing new jewelry for her feels overwhelming, we put together a quick guide to make it a bit easier.

What is a Statement Ring?

Before we go any further, let's first discuss what exactly a statement ring is. A statement ring does just what its name implies; it makes a statement! It's certainly not a hard rule, but in general, statement rings are designed to be worn as a fashion statement or an announcement of status. Also known as a cocktail ring, this ring will have an oversized stone in the center. Sometimes, this main stone is surrounded by other stones or motifs. They are not typically an engagement ring or something of that sort, because they aren't worn every day.

Choose a Statement Anniversary Ring

Statement jewelry is bold and unique in design. These rings help the wearer to portray who they are. So the question is, who is the person you are buying this statement ring for? Let's help break down a few ideas.

Tip #1 Choose a metal she wears often. Not all statement rings are big and flashy. Some are either just metal or only have a few small details. Minimalistic statement rings can be worn on a regular basis, without the need to wait for a special occasion. If you are looking for the best accessory for a date night, this is it! If this is what you have your eye on, we suggest the "Plumage" Crystal Resin Feather Double Ring. Featuring a stunning resin feather with a cluster of clear crystal pave, this ring is chic and subtle.

Tip #2 Select her favorite color. The most popular colors for statement rings are blue, red, green, and black. This is only the beginning, though! The choice of gemstones for a statement ring is extensive, and the only limitation is what she will like to wear. If her favorite color is blue, we have the "Sparkling Scarab" Genuine Lapis & Crystal Ring. If she's the type of woman who loves to wear black, you could gift her the "Dare to Wear" Crystal Statement Ring. She will gasp with delight when she opens the box and sees that you know her so well!

Tip #3 Have a special occasion in mind. Perhaps you could find a statement ring with an upcoming occasion in mind. Just because your anniversary celebrates your years together so far doesn't mean you can't look to the future! Maybe she could wear the "Fabulous Feng Shui" Crystal Crystal Oversized Ring in blue to this year's Hanukkah celebration and tell the entire party that you gave it to her. She will be so proud!

Tip #4 Match it to an outfit. When in doubt, find a statement ring she is sure to wear because it matches her favorite outfit! When you shop our online collection, you will find rings that are white, pink, purple, green, and every other color. Some rings are square, some are oval, some are oblong, and some are shaped like animals. That's right, if she adores wearing a cardigan with butterflies on it, then the "Mosaic Monarch" Crystal Butterfly Ring is going to make her favorite ensemble even better! Rendered in radiant tones of pink, peach and rose, this delicately crafted crystal butterfly ring is like nothing currently in her jewelry box.

Heidi Daus has the Statement Rings She will Love!

Don't let shopping for a statement ring for the special woman in your life feel overwhelming. As you begin to shop on our website, you will find many options. All of these choices mean you are sure to find one that is just as special as the woman you love!