About Heidi's rings

Majestic jewelry is what Heidi specializes in and this is truly apparent in her vintage-inspired rings. Unique rings with a classical look that will enlighten and complement your apparel. Make sure to drop by Heidi whenever you're looking for stunning and elegant rings.

Jewelry fit for a queen

If you're ever in the need to match your elegant rings with a set of beautiful earrings, Heidi Daus will most definitely have the perfect combination for you. Heidi designs her jewelry in such a way that every piece complements the other, which makes for stunning combinations. So buy your unique rings in one of our stores or order them online now.

Order rings online

From the comfort of your armchair being able to buy rings online, now isn't that wonderful? The decision to order classic rings online or buy them in one of Heidi's stores is entirely up to you, but if you ever need assistance in finding one of our items don't hesitate and reach out to us.

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