Our Top Picks for High-End Costume Jewelry for This Season

Jewelry turns a few items of clothing into an outfit, something you're proud to wear and be seen in. When shopping for new jewelry, you want to know that you're getting your money's worth. You may be shocked to see the price tags attached to some pieces though. You're not stuck limiting your jewelry collection because of this. Let's discuss a much better alternative, high-end costume jewelry. 

Table of Contents

  • What Is Costume Jewelry?
  • What Is it Made From?
  • Our Top Picks for High-End Costume Jewelry
  • "Royal Suite" Crystal Floral Necklace
  • "On Line" Crystal Pendant Necklace
  • "Triple Play" Beaded Crystal Toggle Bracelet
  • "Double Circles" Enamel Crystal Drop Earrings
  • Order Heidi Daus Costume Jewelry Online

What Is Costume Jewelry?


No- it doesn't mean the silly jewelry you wear with your Halloween costume! The term "costume jewelry" dates way back to the early 20th century. It was used to reflect the use of the word costume, which meant outfit in their fashion world. Costume jewelry is the pieces you wear to match with an outfit, not fine jewelry made from genuine diamonds and precious metals. Think of your favorite pair of dangly earrings, not an engagement ring. 

What Is it Made From?

If costume jewelry isn't made with diamonds and gold, what is it made from? This kind of jewelry is often made with copper or brass, and they also feature simulated stones and crystals. That's not to say it looks silly or cheap.  High-end costume jewelry is often indistinguishable from the "real" stuff. Yet, it is so much more affordable that you're able to fill your jewelry box with it rather than splurge on only one or two pieces.

Our Top Picks for High-End Costume Jewelry

Now that we know what high-end costume jewelry is, we can move on to our main attraction- our favorite jewelry for this season. There are so many options, because the Heidi Daus jewelry collections are filled with fabulous, high-end pieces!

"Royal Suite" Crystal Floral Necklace

What is more high-end than looking like royalty? When you're wearing the "Royal Suite" Crystal Floral Necklace, that is precisely what you'll feel like! The necklace is made from crystals, but looks indistinguishable from diamonds. This means your necklace looks fit for a queen! This necklace is perfect for summer weddings, making it one of the best choices for jewelry for this season.

"On Line" Crystal Pendant Necklace

One reason we love the "On Line" Crystal Pendant Necklace so much is that while it still has a very elegant, high-end look, it also adds a bit of pizzazz. The large, cushion-shaped pendant in the middle is the perfect mix of both classy and stunning. All eyes will be on you and your necklace!

"Triple Play" Beaded Crystal Toggle Bracelet

What is more high-end than pearls? When you select the Cream color option of the "Triple Play" Beaded Crystal Toggle Bracelet, you'll look like you're wearing a fabulous pearl and diamond bracelet! There is also a stunning gold option that makes the delicate pink pearls pop. No matter what skin tone you have, your bracelet will be the statement piece you're looking for.

"Double Circles" Enamel Crystal Drop Earrings

One reason we love the "Double Circles" Enamel Crystal Drop Earrings so much is because they show that high-end costume jewelry can be fun too! They're the perfect way to make a simple top or little black dress pop. The crystals are designed in a way to catch the light and make everyone say "Wow!" when they see you.

Order Heidi Daus Costume Jewelry Online


The only thing left to do is browse our website and select one, two, or several of your favorite high-end costume jewelry pieces. Because our top picks for jewelry for this season are so affordable, you'll be able to amass quite a collection of gorgeous necklaces, pins, earrings, and bracelets. People will wonder how you're able to always look your best and have such a large stash of jewelry at home!