How to Care For and Maintain Heidi Daus Jewelry

To say that Heidi Daus takes jewelry seriously would be quite the understatement. The love of jewelry has been in her family for generations. As Heidi’s grandmother used to say; “Jewelry should be the LAST thing you put on before leaving the house, and the FIRST thing you take off when you return home.”

We want your favorite Heidi Daus jewelry to be in your family for generations to come as well! This means learning how to properly care for and maintain it. So, if you’re wondering how to store necklaces, don't worry. Just like our pieces won't break the bank to make you look fabulous, our jewelry maintenance is simple and affordable as well.

What You Need to Know About Jewelry Care

Whether you own a fabulous statement necklace, an exquisite pin that perfectly matches the occasion, or any other Heidi Daus Jewelry pieces, you must learn a little jewelry maintenance so the piece looks good for many years to come. 

Key factors in jewelry maintenance are storage and organization. Learn with us the best way to store necklaces and maintain them. A few ideas to store necklaces include:

#1 Store Jewelry Properly

These pieces were designed and crafted with our world-renown attention to detail. You're not simply going to throw it into a pile, right? In order to avoid any damage or harm to your new favorite piece, the best way to organize necklaces is using the Heidi Daus Jewelry box you received it in. 

Other jewelry organizers and jewelry storage items on the market might not offer the same protection the original box does. Furthermore, they might even cause a tangled mess

On the other hand, the custom foam padding in our boxes has been specially made and included in order to protect your piece. Certain weather elements, such as humidity, moisture, and dust, that you barely notice in your home can cause deterioration and damage to jewelry. This is why our jewelry boxes are the best way to store necklaces and other types of jewelry to ensure they last. Additionally, they ensure you can store your necklaces without tangling.

#2 Avoid Contact With Harsh Chemicals and Materials

For many women, looking their best includes not only jewelry but also makeup and hair products. You do you, girl! At the same time, you want to be sure to avoid contact with your jewelry and cosmetics. Hairspray, lotions, and perfumes will cause color changes to the finish on your jewelry. For this reason, we encourage you to avoid contact with these cosmetics by applying them before you wear your pieces and use minimal amounts of these where the body comes in contact with the piece. Remember- Heidi Daus's grandmother said your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before you leave the house!

#3 Keep It Dry

Remember what we said earlier about moisture? Our pieces are well suited for just about any event, except for swimming. Heidi Daus jewelry should never be soaked or submerged in water, even for a short period of time. It is strongly recommended that you remove Heidi Daus rings and bracelets before washing hands. Never wear your jewelry while bathing or swimming. If your jewelry does accidentally get wet, you must thoroughly dry it off before returning it to storage. 

It isn't just water you should be concerned with. Cleaning agents and polishes should not be used. A soft cotton jewelry cloth is all that is needed to keep your pieces clean and to maintain the luster.

Heidi Daus Jewelry Lifetime Warranty

Now that you know how to store necklaces and other jewelry, we are confident that your luxury pieces will be kept safe for years to come. Moreover, you never need to worry about damage or Insightly issues that are the result of a defect on our part. 

We want you to look and feel your best; nothing else will do. This is why all authentic Heidi Daus items are protected by a limited lifetime warranty against the loss of any stones as a result of a manufacturer's defect. If you experience a problem with the loss of any stones or need a repair, please send your item to:

  • Heidi Daus Repairs
  • 68 Forest Street
  • Montclair, NJ 07042

We feel confident that with a little TLC, your jewelry will look brand new for years and even decades to come. If for some reason it does not, send it back to us. It really is that simple! This is just one way we show our dedication to the true jewelry lovers of the world, just like Heidi Daus and her grandmother!

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