How to Pack and Store Your Necklaces the Right Way

Necklaces are accessories that completely transform your outfit and give it the wow factor. So, if you want them to last, you really need to take care of them. But how do you store your necklaces without them getting tangled and damaged?

It's tempting to toss your jewelry aside at the end of the day, but if you want your necklaces to last, there are some best practices when packing and storing them. We'll provide you with essential tips if you want to know how to pack necklaces.

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Why Store Your Necklaces

Storing your jewelry protects it from the sun, dust, and humidity. If you leave it on a dresser or in your jewelry box, it's exposed to all these elements, which can cause it to fade or change color.

One of the best ways to store your necklaces is in a jewelry box or drawer organizer. This way, you keep them all together, and you can even group similar pieces. Be careful not to just throw the necklace in your jewelry box, as it will probably get tangled up with the other pieces. Instead, store each necklace in an individual pouch or envelope.

Traveling Soon? Best Way to Pack Necklaces

Knowing how to pack necklaces without getting tangled is essential when traveling. If you have a travel jewelry box, then you're all set. If not, here are some DIY tips to pack necklaces.

Pill Cases

This works for small necklaces and chains. Put each necklace inside a pill organizer and you’re ready to go. Make sure you don't place two chains inside the same compartment.


Put your necklace through a straw and then clasp it shut. This is an easy way to store your necklaces and keep them from tangling.

Bubble Wrap

If you're traveling with a larger statement piece, you want to take care of the details. Place your necklace on a sheet of bubble wrap and then secure it by folding the sides.

Tissue Paper and Ziploc Bags

Tissue paper is an excellent option for wrapping necklaces. Put the necklace on the tissue paper and then fold it in half or quarters. Place the folded paper inside a Ziploc bag for extra protection.

No matter how you store your necklaces, make sure it's in a cool and dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust. Remember that caring for your jewelry is necessary if you want it to last and be in good condition. With these tips, you can now confidently pack your necklaces correctly.

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