What Type of Earrings Should I Wear with a Statement Necklace?

    You love to look your best. Who doesn't? This involves every aspect of your outfit, right down to the pieces of jewelry chosen to really make your look pop. When looking for a new statement necklace, you simply cannot go wrong with any of the options here on our Heidi Daus website. But, what then? What other jewelry should you wear? Can you even wear other pieces?

    Yes! You can perfectly pair a statement necklace with earrings, as long as you select the right options. If you’re now wondering what earrings to wear with your statement necklace, we put together a couple of examples.

    What is a Statement Necklace?

    A statement jewelry necklace itself may be enough, but other accessories can look great as well- if paired sensibly. Before you can learn how to wear a statement necklace, it's important to first understand what this term is describing. There's no exact dictionary definition, but in general there are a few qualities that make a necklace fall under this category. These are:

    #1 A large size that makes it the focal point of the outfit

    #2 A shape that takes up a lot of space on the chest 

    #3 Your desire to keep the focus on the necklace over other accessories

    Perfectly Match Your Statement Necklace with Earrings

    Now that we know what a statement necklace is, let's discuss what earrings to wear with a statement necklace. Some people believe a statement jewelry necklace should be the only accessory that you wear. While this is a great way to go, we disagree that it is a rule. You don't want to use other large pieces when wearing a long statement necklace, because doing so will detract from the necklace's attention as well as make your outfit look too busy. 

    Statement pieces are made to grab attention without effort. You want to look glamorous, not like a disorganized mess! If you're going to use other accessories, like a pair of earrings, with your statement necklace, you need something simple and subtle. 

    An accessory that looks great with a statement necklace would be small, silver hoops. Stud earrings are another good choice. This is specially true with pieces that have a lot of volume, such as layered necklaces or bib necklaces, or those with a main piece such as pendant necklaces.

    If you'd like to look at some concrete examples, we're always here to help! Any of the following combinations are sure to make you look and feel like a Hollywood movie star.

    #1 Colors

    Color coordination is key with any accessory, but especially with colorful statement necklaces for women. Because these pieces are so large, there's no denying that they play a key role in the outfit that you're wearing. In fact, statement jewelry necklaces are in many cases the first things that people notice!

    Let's consider pairing the "Estate Elegance" Crystal Button Earrings in Pink with the "Heidi Classic Gemstone 14mm Triple Strand" Genuine Rose Quartz Necklace, also in Pink. This is sure to be a winning combination, especially if you're wearing a black dress. The pop of this feminine hue will be perfect!

    #2 Shapes

    Another thing to consider is the shape. This will give you a cohesive natural look and make sure that nothing pointy in your earrings clashes with the rounded shapes in a pearl or collar necklace. We absolutely adore the idea of pairing the "Love, Heidi Style" Beaded Crystal Heart Enhancer Toggle Necklace with the matching "Love, Heidi Style" Crystal Heart Drop Earrings. These hearts are perfect this time of year!

    #3 Design Styles

    Heidi Daus makes it incredibly easy for you to pair a long statement necklace with earrings, because some of her styles are actually specifically designed to be worn this way. The "Entre Fabuleuse" Beaded Crystal Necklace and "Entre Fabuleuse" Crystal Dangle Earrings and a fantastic example of this. There's no guessing involved at all!

    Now that you know what earrings to wear with your statement necklace, it’s time you plan for your perfect combination. You can't go wrong when you try one of these styles! That's not to say these are your only options.

    In fact, when you begin shopping you will probably discover it is much easier to pair a statement necklace for women with other jewelry pieces than you originally realized. Go ahead and get creative!

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