What Is a Statement Necklace?

what is statement necklace

A necklace is an example of an accessory that can make or break a whole outfit—especially statement necklaces that are an interesting accent to otherwise basic or simple outfits. The term "statement necklace" refers to a necklace that draws attention to itself and distinguishes its wearer from the crowd. 

Statement jewelry, in its most basic definition, is jewelry that draws attention to itself because of its size, color, or other distinguishing characteristics. Now that you know the basics, get ready to explore the magic of statement necklaces that can totally transform your look!

Types of Statement Necklaces

Hold onto your style hats because we're about to explore the exciting universe of statement necklaces. These beauties are not just accessories; they're mini works of art that scream, "Look at me!" From chunky chains to vibrant gem clusters, statement necklaces come in various types, each with its unique personality. These are some of the most common types of necklaces that surely will make a statement:

The Long Delight



The long statement necklace – a true style chameleon. These beauties add a touch of drama and elegance as they drape down your outfit. They're like the storytellers of your ensemble, drawing attention to your entire look. Whether rocking a casual jeans-and-tee combo or a sleek evening gown, a long statement necklace effortlessly elevates your style.

The Sparkling Collar



Are you ready to light up the room? The sparkling collar necklace is your go-to choice. With its radiant crystals and intricate designs, this type of statement necklace adds a touch of glamor and sophistication to any outfit. 

The Chunky Charm



Talk about making a statement! The chunky charm necklace is all about big, bold, and beautiful. Imagine oversized links, vibrant colors, and a touch of whimsy. It's like wearing a piece of abstract art around your neck. Perfect for when you want to stand out and show off your confident style.

The Elegant Bib




For those times when you want to channel your inner diva, the elegant bib necklace comes to the rescue. With its cascading layers of gems, beads, and sometimes even feathers, this necklace demands attention in the most elegant way possible. Whether dressing up for a special event or simply wanting to feel like a queen, the elegant bib has your back (or, rather, your neck)!

The Whimsical Pendant




The whimsical pendant necklace is your soulmate if you're a dreamer and a free spirit. From cute animals to quirky shapes, these pendants add a touch of playfulness to your look. They're conversation starters, and they let your personality shine brighter than the sun.

Where to Buy Statement Necklaces?

Now that you're excited about these jaw-dropping statement necklaces, where can you find these treasures, you ask? There are plenty of options online, but if you want to make an eye-catching appearance, Heidi Daus is for you! 

Over the past 30 years, Heidi has specialized in creating distinctive, eye-catching statement necklaces. Each of Heidi Daus's necklaces is handmade and comes in different styles—people who love to stand out and make a fashion statement like these chunky necklaces.

You will find a statement necklace by Heidi Daus for every situation and style. These statement pieces make their wearer show stopping at any gathering.

Express Yourself With Heidi Daus!

Statement necklaces are like your outfit's exclamation point – they add that extra "oomph" that turns heads and sets you apart from the crowd. Whether you're going for the bold and chunky look, the elegance of an elegant bib, the shimmer of a sparkling collar, the playfulness of a whimsical pendant, or the drama of a long delight, there's a statement necklace out there just waiting to become your new favorite accessory that lasts a long way.

Explore the vast selection of statement necklaces Heidi Daus offers and add a spark of personality to your wardrobe. You can ensure that every look is utterly unforgettable with Heidi's unique pieces! So what are you waiting for? Let your style shine with Heidi Daus

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