How is Heidi Daus Jewelry Made?

Our pins are some of our most popular items in the collection, and for good reason. You love our pins, and you want to wear them every chance you get- without looking like you're wearing the same outfit over and over again. Are there multiple ways to wear our pins with scarves? Yes! 

In fact, we're asked that question so often that we dedicated an entire YouTube video to showing you how to wear scarves, which also showcases a few of our favorite pins. You're sure to adore wearing a scarf in a "bunny ears" style paired with the "Critter Baby" Enamel Beaded Crystal Sheep Pin. It's perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday season. If you are looking for a more sophisticated style for a classy event, go with the "Heidi Waterfall" style and the "Captivating Cardinal" Crystal Bird Pin. With all of our pins and half a dozen scarf styles, the possibilities are endless!

When you see your favorite Heidi Daus jewelry, you think "Wow! How was something this special even made?" You're not alone in thinking that! That's why we want to share with you a few behind-the-scenes details about how Heidi Daus jewelry is made.

Heidi Daus Jewelry Process

Jewelry this special doesn't just happen! We know how special Heidi Daus jewelry is to you, because it is special to us too! In this YouTube video, you'll see just what goes into our labor of love to make new jewelry pieces.

A Sketch

It all begins with Heidi's own sketch. Flowers, birds, and other nature is an inspiration- which you can easily see in pieces like the "Three Times The Charm" Beaded Crystal Icon Butterfly Necklace. You'll be amazed what beautiful colors you'll see in nature, and in Heidi Daus jewelry!

The Details

Heidi is extremely proud of the details in each piece. These are more than just "big pretty," as she says. Take a look at any of our pieces, but especially something like the "Luminous Layers" Crystal Statement Ring. Don't just glance at it, really look deeply at the details of the item. You can find a statement ring from other designers, but you won't find anything quite like this. Its high profile design and high sparkle factor are due to a generously sized oval cut fuchsia crystal that dazzles in light, surrounded by a mélange of rose, padparadscha, rose, peach, and violet crystals and sparkling crystal pavé accents. Everywhere you look, there's more sparkle and different shades of pinks and purples. It's this attention to detail that makes Heidi Daus jewelry so special.

The Craftsmanship

Of course, you need more than a lovely sketch and an idea to create jewelry that is a work of art. You need fine craftsmanship as well. There is so much love and effort that goes into every piece! The composition of color must be absolutely perfect before we approve a piece for production.

In Heidi's studio, you will see beads and stones everywhere! These are used to create the original model, the casting. If this isn't perfect, the stones won't fit. In some cases, there could be hundreds of little stones and they all must be absolutely perfect! The casting is then plated in antique gold. After that, we stone set.

The Naming Process

Our jewelry is made to make a statement. We get such a kick naming these pieces! We sit with a pile of our new pieces, a bottle of champagne, and get creative. The way we run our business and make business decisions is more "mom and pop" than big corporation, and we love it that way. This won't be changing any time soon!

When you watch or read everything that goes into Heidi Daus jewelry, you may expect these pieces to cost thousands of dollars. And the truth is that some designers would charge you this, but not us! When you shop our online collection, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see these exquisite pieces are quite affordable.