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    117 products

    Statement Necklaces

    Heidi Daus offers unique, glamorous, over-the-top chunky necklaces for people who love to set themselves apart from the crowd. Heidi Daus statement jewelry necklaces range from luxurious, to colorful, to fun, and much more. Browse for the most eye-catching diamond statement necklace or floral chain necklace and find the perfect piece for your personality.

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    Why Choose Heidi Daus Statement Jewelry Necklaces

    Heidi Daus blue, elegant necklace.Heidi has over 30 years of experience designing unique and dazzling statement necklaces. All Heidi Daus necklaces are hand set and come in a variety of presentations. These chunky necklaces are ideal for people that want to make a statement and love to stand out. High-quality craftsmanship and passion translate into elegant and stunning pieces. 

    There is a Heidi Daus statement necklace for any occasion and for any look. Regardless of if you’re wearing a black dress or jeans. They ensure the wearer stands out from the crowd in all events. Some such as the "Palace Glam" are diamond statement necklaces that offer pure glamor. 

    On the other hand, some as the "Boardwalk Bling" deliver more fun. Other pieces such as the "Bella Veneto" offer a colorful design, while "Mindy Knows Best" is elegance at its finest. Heidi Daus has created high-quality and alluring statement necklaces for decades. In this category you will find hundreds of pieces, from cross to bib necklaces, and anything you can think of.

     Customer Favorites

    Heidi Daus statement necklace, "Elegant Essentials" Pin Enhancer Cord Necklace

    Heidi Daus®"Elegant Essentials" Pin Enhancer Cord Necklace

    Linda K.


    I absolutely love Heidi's rope necklaces.  They are so versatile and can be worn with everything.  Goes perfectly with jeans but then adding one of Heidi's beautiful pins brings it up a couple of notches and you can wear to a wedding. Really love these.

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    Heidi Daus statement jewelry necklace extender

    Heidi Daus® "Extender Chain" Necklace Extender

    Jamie S.


    A MUST HAVE!!! I have been waiting for Heidi to come out with her own extender & I was thrilled to find of course I purchased 2! I love the length it adds to whatever HD necklaces I choose - how did I live without it??

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    Heidi Daus statement necklace. "Easy Does It" Enamel & Crystal Pendant Necklace

    Heidi Daus® "Easy Does It" Enamel & Crystal Pendant Necklace

    Sandra R.


    I love this necklace and would like to have more pieces in this line. It’s really cute! I have 2 bracelets as well and they are super cute. It’s very well made and the crystals on the flowers really set the design off nicely!

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    Are statement necklaces still in style 2022?

    Yes! Big, chunky necklaces never really go out of style. Statement jewelry adapts to overall jewelry trends, which makes them timeless accessories that are always in style. Some of the most popular statement jewelry necklaces of 2022 are crystal, pearl, and diamond statement necklaces

    What makes a necklace a statement jewelry necklace?

    Statement jewelry is bold, stands out, and most importantly makes a statement. A statement necklace is a piece that brings attention to itself and its wearer, standing out from the rest of the outfit and jewelry. Bright, colorful, big, and chunky necklaces are some style of statement jewelry.

    How do you wear a statement necklace with a dress?

    Dresses are some of the most perfect pieces of clothing to wear with statement jewelry. There are several types of dresses that can be paired with a statement necklace, such as collarless, strapless, and spaghetti strap dresses.