High or Costume Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know

Jewelry turns clothes into an outfit, something you're proud to be seen in. When shopping for new jewelry, you want to know that you're getting your money's worth. You may be shocked to see the price tags attached to some pieces, known as high jewelry. Let's discuss why some pieces are so expensive, as well as a much better alternative. 

What Is High Jewelry?

Essentially, high jewelry refers to the most expensive pieces of jewelry available from the big-name houses, like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Many of these pieces are one-of-a-kind and cost millions of dollars due to materials, workmanship, and signature. They often include extremely valuable gemstones as distinctive features. When you see a celebrity walking the red carpet wearing an exquisite diamond necklace, this is high jewelry.

What Is Costume Jewelry?

No- it doesn't mean the silly jewelry you wear with your Halloween costume. Essentially, costume jewelry is the pieces you wear to match with an outfit, not fine jewelry or high jewelry. Costume jewelry is also known as fashion jewelry. The term "costume jewelry" dates way back to the early 20th century. It was used to reflect the use of the word costume, which meant outfit in their fashion world. 

This kind of jewelry refers to the class of jewelry that is often made with copper or brass, and they also feature simulated stones and crystals. Costume jewelry includes a wide range of jewelry, but only includes the decorative jewelry pieces which are worn for personal adornment. These are not expensive fine jewelry often regarded as an investment.

Top Pieces From Heidi Daus Jewelry

Pieces cannot be both high jewelry and costume jewelry, as they are basically complete opposites. We don't think you should have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to look your best, and you'll never have to with Heidi Daus jewelry. When you begin to shop our online costume jewelry catalog, you won't believe the low prices on pieces that look incredibly luxurious. A few we're most proud of include:

#1 "Many Shades of Fabulous" Beaded Crystal Necklace

Many people would expect this statement necklace to cost significantly more than it really does. The "Many Shades of Fabulous" Beaded Crystal Necklace features a triple strand of gold colored beads with four layers of rounded asscher cut classy rosewood gemstone statement jewelry. The foundation of the jewelry is made with gold intricate detailing to complete the look. It is perfect for looking and feeling luxurious during any occasion. While you may feel like a million bucks wearing it, you won't have to pay anywhere near that price to own this necklace!

#2 "I Confess" Beaded Crystal Statement Necklace

Prepare to make a scene in the luxurious "I Confess" Beaded Crystal Statement Necklace! It is a waterfall style necklace strung from faceted crystal golden shadow color beads, leading to a mélange of crystals and texture. Our attention to detail is what Heidi Daus jewelry is known for, and that is what makes this fabulous piece truly dazzle. The piece is finished with a generously sized crystal golden shadow drop. Be prepared to "confess" to feeling over-the-top fabulous every time you wear this stunning necklace! 

#3 "On Line" Crystal Pendant Necklace

Many of the world' best high jewelry feature massive gemstones that immediately catch all eyes in the room. So does the "On Line" Crystal Pendant Necklace! The delicate beads lead to a large center stone. Wearing it will make you feel like the Queen, the guest of honor at the party, an A-list celebrity, or a fabulous old-fashioned socialite. It is available in clear and gold color options. Why not get both?

This list is only the beginning! We encourage you to shop our website in more detail. You're sure to find many pieces you can't wait to own.