Finding the Value in Fine Jewelry: 3 Things to Know

Jewelry and gemstones have been part of human culture for generations. You know jewelry can be valuable. Have you ever wondered why? Where does this value come from? Hundreds and even thousands of years ago, mankind assigned great value to these shiny rocks. Whether in the form of diamonds, gold, or rubies, these beautiful pieces held significant value and meaning for our ancestors. These adornments represent status, love, fertility, significant commitments, milestones, or lineage, and served as art, an offering, or a trophy. It is a tradition we continue on today.

The financial implications of fine jewelry:

1. It is a sign of wealth.

Centuries ago, people didn't have a savings account. They wore their wealth. Wearing a gold necklace was often safer than storing this gold somewhere in their homes as it could have been stolen when they left. Jewelry has been used for inheritance and currency since the time of the Aztecs. It is still used for this purpose today. Now is the time to begin amassing your jewelry collection that someone one day will inherit and cherish!

2. Gold jewelry is still a valuable asset today.

If you’re looking to build value outside beyond stocks or real estate, jewelry can be both a rewarding and wise asset for collectors. Other markets and currencies can be quite volatile, but precious gems do not fluctuate this way. They withstand the test of time and retain their value. Purchasing high-end jewelry contributes to your own personal wealth, and it’s also a contribution to the wealth of future generations. Jewelry of the highest quality and purity is the rarest and, therefore, the most valuable. You'll want to purchase the best quality jewelry you can for the most value, but now and in the future.

3. Jewelry holds value

Though gemstones and gold jewelry pieces experience fluctuations in value, they don’t lose their value entirely. Experts who have analyzed long term trends tell us that the value of gold and gemstones has nearly always steadily appreciated. Your fine jewelry will never be worth nothing, even if it isn't fashionable any longer. While many gems can keep pace with inflation, the rare, high-quality jewels even outpace inflation and appreciate substantially. How exciting!

A tremendous value as well as prestige associated with it makes fine jewelry an excellent purchase. One can trace the history of a string of pearls or a diamond ring and be able to follow a transfer of power and wealth through time and even geographical space. A valuable piece once gifted to an heir or a highly sought-after gem could have been passed around for hundreds of years. If this is what you would like to pass on to your children and your children's children, now is the time to begin amassing a collection.