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    Statement Earrings by Heidi Daus

    The moment you decide to try on one of Heidi's classic and big earrings your ears will shine ever the brighter. These vintage statement earrings will reflect your beauty and compliment your apparel in every way imaginable. From elegant earrings to more classic designs, the Heidi Daus collection has it all. Learn more!

    Keep an eye on “Heidi Daus Jewelry Celebration” for new statement earrings designs.

    What Is a Statement Earring?

    Crystal statement earrings tend to be flashy, bold, and big earrings made to stand out. Although they can serve to add some finishing touches to an outfit, they are usually the center piece. 

    Statement pieces go beyond the usual stud earrings, pearl earrings, diamond earrings and even large hoop earrings. Crystal statement earrings feature big crystals, colorful details, and more. They are designed to make a statement and make the wearer’s personality shine through. 

    What Kind of Earrings Are in Style?

    Heidi Daus’ All That Glitters statement earring

    Part of the most present earring trends in 2022 are colorful statement earrings. Big earrings are back on trend, and this not only refers to large dangle earrings or hoop earrings, but bold and unique styles. 

    2022 is all about making a statement, and statement elegant earrings achieve just that. They make the wearer stand out from the crowd and be the topic of conversation.

    At Heidi Daus you can find not only trendy earrings, but everlasting crystal statement earrings that never go out of style. An example of popular and elegant earrings by Heidi Daus includes the “Devil Wears Heidi” Crystal Button Earring. It is part of Heidi’s most reviewed and loved statement pieces. 

    About Heidi Daus’ Elegant Earrings

    Heidi Daus is known for creating the most unique jewelry pieces on the market. When it comes to big earrings, Heidi Daus is the brand to choose. 

    There’s a Heidi statement earring for every occasion and look. You can find gold plated crystal earrings, drop earrings, and more. Browse Heidi Daus’ wide selection of earrings for the one that fits your style. 

    Customer Favorites

    Heidi Daus crystal statement earrings

    Heidi Daus® "Hugs from Heidi" Crystal Half-Hoop Earrings

    Lisa C.


    After years of collecting Heidi Daus, I started my "Hugs from Heidi" pieces. I started with a bangle and saw what all the rave was about, so I jumped in head first and got the Topaz AB earrings. They're amazing for a small hugging half hoop. The glamour they exude is TOP NOTCH!! LOVE  ❤  my first pair but never last pair.....‼️ Shop Now


    Heidi Daus black crystal elegant earrings.

    HEIDI DAUS®"Devil Wears Heidi" Crystal Dangle Earring

    Kathryn I.


    You'll want these in every color. The shape is so interesting with some movement. Perfect for so many outfits. Shop Now

    Heidi Daus omega big earrings

    Heidi Daus® "Endless Possibilities" Beaded Crystal Tassel interchangeable Earring Set

    Lisa Campbell


    Interchangeable earring set is nothing short of genius.  I keep mine close by as they are a no Brainerd and look elegant with anything from T-shirt to velvet dress. Switch them out during the day while you're  out by keeping the set in your bag! 👜 Try one or more of the sets. They're all very different from the colour to the texture.

    Get yours, you'll  never regret it, you only want more sets!!👌❤  Shop Now


    How do you wear statement earrings?

    Some tips to choose the right elegant earrings for your outfit include:

    1. Make sure they match the occasion. If you’re going to a casual event, fancy, big earrings might not be the best option and might instead be more ideal for more formal and elegant outings. Casual events instead might be the best option to wear colorful and smaller statement pieces.
    2. If your dress is busy, keep your earrings simple. If your dress or outfit is the main piece of your entire look, you don’t want to take attention away from it, which means it might be better to wear smaller jewelry.
    3. Highlight your face. Choose a pair of elegant earrings that frame your face in a fabulous way.
    4. Consider your skin tone. Silver jewelry is great for most skin tones. Golden jewelry works better with darker hair and skin, while red, blue, and purple looks best with lighter skin tones. 
    5. Black outfits look best with something bold. Big, flashy, and colorful statement earrings look great with black clothing since it’s easier for them to stand out. Additionally, statement jewelry can easily transform a simple black outfit to a more chic and elegant one.

    Do I wear a necklace with statement earrings?

    Statement jewelry is recommended to be matched with smaller jewelry pieces, or no other jewelry at all. When it comes to big earrings, they are designed to be the most important part of the entire look. This means other jewelry pieces and clothing shouldn’t pull attention away from it, and must instead highlight it.