The Best Advice For Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

You've found the perfect woman, the woman you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with. The only thing left to do is actually ask her. Yet, a woman this special deserves a proposal with a ring that is just as great. 

Knowing she is the one is the easy part. Finding the perfect ring to propose with is the hard part! Your proposal should be one of a kind, and her ring should be too. For a woman like her, the same ring that everyone else has is simply not good enough. You want to buy a vintage engagement ring, not one identical to the ring half a dozen other girls on her Instagram feed have. Thankfully, this is easier than it sounds and it doesn't involve running to every vintage boutique in the area. It's easy to buy a vintage engagement ring when you shop online through Heidi Daus!

With that in mind, here are a few ways to make sure the ring you pop the big question with is just as unique and special as she is:

#1 Shop a reputable place.

While your area may have a few antique jewellery shops and auctioneers, it's tough to know what you're looking at. When you shop online, there are a handful of great sites with fantastic reputations. Shopping online makes it easier to read the descriptions and know exactly what you're buying. Buying from a quality, reputable jeweller doesn't just make a difference in the choice of rings, it also means you'll receive trustworthy guidance and advice in the form of reviews left by real customers. Then, your ring will be shipped right to you!

#2 Identify some styles or stones.

When you are shopping for your other half, narrowing your search slightly will help you to find what you're looking for without being totally overwhelmed. Look at jewellery from different eras and see if there's a particular style that resonates. You may see art deco and think "Oh, that's perfect for her!" Alternatively, you may decide you want an emerald, ruby, garnet or sapphire gemstone, and you can take your search from there. Diamonds weren't considered the only stone for an engagement ring until fairly recently, so there's no reason to stick to this rule. Just know that experts say it is wise to avoid pearls or opals for engagement rings, as pretty as they are, they don't live up to the wear and tear of an everyday ring.

#3 Involve friends and family.

It's becoming very popular to involve your and her loved ones in the marriage proposal process, even the ring buying. If you're still stumped on what she would like, there's no shame in bringing in the experts! She's sure to have told her best friend, sister, or mom exactly what kind of ring she hopes to get.

If you follow this expert advice, she will be stunned. She's sure to say yes!