Sister Jean a true MVP

WHO has seen the magnificent Sister Jean?! For those of you who don’t know her, she is the 98 year old chaplain for the March Madness wonderboys from Loyola Chicago. Oh is she a special one to me! She’s been playing and coaching basketball for 80 years! 80! I have been an athlete my entire life and Sister Jean is an absolute inspiration.  She’s always done exactly what she wants and hasn’t let her age get in the way. And to see how much those boys respect her fills my heart with joy.

Did you know they made a bobblehead for her that sold out faster than any other bobblehead in history?? Talk about success! Haha maybe one day there will be a Heidi Doll? Let’s make it happen!

Anyway, I’ll be watching the final 4 and rooting for those boys from Loyola!  Hopefully you’ll be tuning in! Let’s hear your best cheer!