Announcing our March Madness Sale!

The moment you decide to try on one of Heidi's classic pieces of jewelry, your eyes will shine ever the brighter. These vintage pieces will reflect your beauty and compliment your apparel in every way imaginable. From elegant pieces to fun and funky designs to more classic inspiration, the Heidi Daus collection has it all. Right now, shopping Heidi Daus's online jewelry catalogue is even more exciting. We're having a March Madness Sale! This means you can save up to 80% on select necklaces. WOW! That's an incredible deal that won't last long.

Just a few of the really beautiful pieces being featured in this exciting sale are:

"First Take" Beaded Large Strand Necklace This beautiful necklace comes in black, aubergine, peach, and blue color options. It's a full 44-inches long, meaning it is perfect to loop around for a double strand. You can also choose to attach a brooch pin to it for added flair. In truth, there's many fabulous ways to wear this piece!

"Vintage Heidi Rosary" Beaded Crystal Strand Necklace Rose quartz and aventurine color beads plus clear color crystals combine for the most beautiful necklace you've ever seen. Again, this piece is 44-inch long so you have multiple ways to wear it, depending on the style you're going for that day.

"Fascinating Fascinator" Beaded Crystal Necklace If you love a bold look, this necklace is for you. It is offered with turquoise beads and a sparkly purple clasp to ensure all eyes are on you when you walk in the room. Your second choice is ivory beads that look like pearls, with clear, diamond-like, crystals on the clasp. This is a more elegant, but still flashy style. During our March Madness Sale, this piece's price has dropped from $169.95 to $49.95. That's amazing!

"Crystal Collar" Crystal Deco Necklace This is truly one of the most stunning pieces featured in our March Madness Sale. Regularly priced over $300, it's up to you if you want to tell your friends you only spent $99.95 on it! It features tanzanite, violet, aquamarine, and clear color crystals for a look fit for royalty. 

"Knot Now" Beaded Crystal knot Necklace This necklace is so beautiful, we're offering it in three different colorways. It features a long row of colored beads and a small, bedazzled bow in a complimentary color. Whether you opt for the blue, purple, or ivory-colored beads, one thing is for sure- this is the perfect accent piece to nearly any ensemble!

Go take a look at the complete list of items offered during our March Madness Sale! You don't have forever to shop at these prices. Don't miss this opportunity to order the jewelry you love, at a price you want. Because you're ordering online, it's also incredibly convenient. This is the best possible way to shop for Heidi Daus jewelry!