Top Heidi Daus Styles for Wedding Guests

When you get an invitation to a wedding, you immediately start planning the perfect outfit and jewelry accessories to make you stand out. You can take your style to a new level with the right jewelry pieces!

But, the question of what jewelry to wear to a wedding can be intimidating. After all, you want to be appropriate and sophisticated while still standing out from the crowd. Do you go with classic pieces? Or something modern? Read our tips on wedding guest jewelry recommendations.

What Jewelry To Wear to a Wedding as a Guest?

The whole point of weddings is to look beautiful and feel special while sharing a good moment with friends and family. Whether you’re the groom's mother, a bridesmaid, or a guest, you should choose the right jewelry to complement your look.

But before you start browsing what jewelry to wear to a wedding, remember that there are some rules you should abide by.

  1. Choose Something Timeless but Modern

Select classic yet stylish jewelry so it will never go out of style but still make a statement. Try pieces like studs or pearls in interesting shapes and sizes.

  1. Avoid Anything Too Flashy or Sparkly

You don’t want to upstage the bride, so avoid anything too showy, over-the-top, or unrelated to the dress code. Stick with subtle, elegant pieces that complement your outfit without stealing the spotlight from the happy couple.

3. Wear Something Special

 A wedding is a special occasion, so why not choose jewelry that reflects its importance? Pick something that will remind you of this momentous day for years to come, like heirloom pieces or items with sentimental value.

4. Consider Color Coordination

If you’re wearing a colorful dress, try matching your jewelry with it by choosing pieces in coordinating hues and shades. This will help tie your whole look together effortlessly.

How To Pick Wedding Jewelry?

Ultimately, the type of jewelry you wear to a wedding should depend on what kind of dress you are wearing.

What Necklaces To Wear on a Wedding Day?

If you’re wearing a simple, classic dress, opt for dainty jewelry pieces with intricate details like our Heidi Daus ‘Elegant Tear Drop" Beaded Crystal Necklace. This piece mixes a single strand of light pink beads with diamond crystal pavé and gold-tone accents, making it truly worthy of a collection. Combine with the coordinating earrings and bracelet for added sparkle and elegance.

necklace for wedding event

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a bold and vibrant dress, try something more subtle yet romantic and feminine like our Heidi Daus "Vine And Divine" Beaded Crystal Floral Necklace. This piece features intricate beaded details and a colorful crystal cluster for a unique touch.

delicate necklace for wedding

Should You Wear Rings at a Wedding?

Rings are an absolute yes if your dress includes long sleeves. For instance, the Heid Daus "Tailored To Please" Crystal Deco Ring is perfect. This Art Deco-inspired piece features a unique combination of gold tone and crystal pavé for an eye-catching effect.

rings for wedding guests


What Earrings To Wear for a Wedding?

Many options are available when choosing earrings for your wedding outfit – from classic studs, hoops, and drops; to dangling crystal fan styles.

Wear something eye-catching for a modern wedding outfit like our Heidi Daus "Chinoiserie Fan" Beaded Crystal Fan Drop Earrings. These glamorous earrings feature intricate beaded details and a colorful crystal fan drop for a unique touch.

earrings for wedding event

Let Us Help You Get Ready for the Special Event

Now that you know what jewelry to wear to a wedding, it’s time to find the perfect pieces for your outfit! With our wide selection of wedding-ready pieces, you are sure to find what you need. All that’s left is to enjoy the big day and look your best!


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