A Guide for the Future Bride: How To Choose Wedding Jewelry

how to choose wedding jewelry

It is no secret that every bride-to-be wishes to feel the absolute best on their special day with a classy, sophisticated, and timeless look.

Not only should you choose the perfect dress, but you should also pick out the perfect jewelry to complete the look. But with so many options available, deciding which pieces are the best takes time and effort.

This guide will provide tips for choosing the right wedding jewelry to complement your look. Let’s break it down into the whole trinity of jewelry: earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

What Earrings To Wear on Your Wedding Day?

For a classic and timeless look, pearls are always a great choice. Pearls can convey sophistication and elegance, making them an ideal accompaniment for any wedding dress. Diamonds are also popular if you want something more modern and unique.

But if you want to shine brighter than a star, our “Elegant Tear Drop” Beaded Crystal Drop Earrings combine pearls and diamonds in one beautiful pair of earrings that will add the right touch of sparkle to your bridal ensemble.

earrings for my wedding

Should You Wear a Bracelet on Your Wedding Day?

At Heidi Daus, we believe that attitude and jewelry are all you need to transmit that magnetic energy. However, some factors influence wearing bracelets on your big day.

For example, wearing a bracelet can bring attention to your wrists and add extra sparkle if your dress has long sleeves. Or if your dress is off-shouldered, a bracelet, necklace, and earrings can be the perfect finishing touch.

For a dress with a higher neckline, you may opt for something subtle and slim, like one of our encrusted pave-set crystal bracelets.

And if we may share some advice on this: you can’t go wrong with encrusted pavé-set crystals like our “Enchanted Beauty” Crystal Floral Cuff Bracelet. This gorgeous bracelet's rose-shaped center is studded with pavé-set crystals. Crystals embellish the leaf-shaped shoulder stations, and the back is adorned with scrolling vines and textured leaf patterns.

In other words, this bracelet, along with a gorgeous pair of earrings, a necklace, and a ring, is the ideal way to brighten up your wedding day.

bracelet for wedding

Should You Wear a Necklace With Your Wedding Dress?

Necklaces can add another layer of elegance and sophistication to any bridal look. A necklace is a perfect way to add some extra sparkle and glamour to your bridal look on your special day.

A statement necklace can take your look to the next level if you wear a simple dress. If you have a more elaborate dress, a simple necklace can bring the look together and balance out your accessories.

Diamond crystals and pearls are always a great choice for a wedding necklace; if this sounds like your perfect match, our utterly romantic and downright dreamy "J'adore Rose" Beaded Crystal Flower Necklace is sure to stand out! This stunning piece will add just enough shimmer without overwhelming the rest of your outfit.


How Much Jewelry To Wear on Wedding Day?

The amount of jewelry you decide to wear on your wedding day is a personal choice, and how much sparkle or how minimalistic you want your look to be.

At Heidi Daus, the key to wearing jewelry is finding timeless pieces that make you feel beautiful. Above all else, it should be something you are comfortable wearing, bringing out your best.

The beauty of wedding jewelry is that it will become a piece of your story and a reminder of how special your wedding day was. We are here to help you choose the details that will make your day even more special. 

So don’t hesitate to explore our “Special Event” collection and find the perfect pieces for your special day. We are always here to help you make your big day dreams come true!


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