How to Wear Your Jewelry According to the Occasion!

Do you love jewelry? Who doesn't! There is no question that jewelry enhances every outfit, no matter what you're wearing and where you are going. Of course, that isn't to say the right piece for a cocktail dinner is the right piece for Monday morning in the office. The thing you need to do is decide what to wear with each specific ensemble and when some pieces will work better than others. In order to know for sure, there are several things that need to be understood about jewelry. Only then can one begin to choose the appropriate piece of jewelry for each occasion. Don't worry, Heidi Daus is here to help! 

We love our pieces; each one is special. Not only do we take pride in our jewelry, we're also proud to help you find the best way to wear it. After all, we look good when you look good!

Is this an occasion for subtle or a statement piece?

There are times when you want to be beautiful but subtle, without drawing too much attention to yourself while other times you want all eyes on the piece you have chosen to wear. Rest assured, we have both! If you want something subtle, you cannot go wrong with the "Sparkling Tradition" Crystal Beaded Ring or the "Sleek and Sophisticated" Crystal Bracelet. Want all eyes on you? We have you covered there too! Consider the "Worth the Wait" Crystal Beaded Necklace, "Ravishing Rapture" Beaded Crystal Necklace, or even "Sheer Heaven" Chain Crystal Toggle Cross Necklace. The hardest part will be picking just one statement piece!

Is the occasion formal?

A special occasion requires a special outfit. Pay particular attention to what you will be wearing and pick your accessories accordingly. For instance, strapless dresses do not need a necklace. This is the opportunity to let your favorite chandelier earrings shine, like the "Opposites Attract" Crystal Dangle Earrings! If you're wearing a turtleneck or sweater, a festive broach may be the right jewelry. Consider the "Champagne Celebration" Crystal Champagne Glass Pin.

Can a casual outfit be made a bit more sparkly?

Everyday work attire, your outfit for a meeting at your children's school, or simply what you wear going to lunch with your girlfriends can all be made a bit more special with the right jewelry piece. Sure you don't want to dress for the PTO event in formal evening wear, but that doesn't mean you have to be bland and boring. Add a touch of luxury and fun with the "Color Crazy" Enamel Crystal Bangle Deco Bracelet or "Marquis Magic" Beaded Crystal Magnetic Necklace

There are so many ways to make your outfit sparkle with the right jewelry pieces. Heidi Daus has such a large collection, you're sure to find what you're looking for no matter what the occasion is!