How to Style Your Favorite Pieces of Heidi Daus Jewelry

You love jewelry. What you don't love is trying to figure out which outfit to wear your Heidi Daus jewelry with and exactly how to wear it to look your best. There may be more options than you realize. If you watch some of Heidi's own YouTube videos, this is very clear. Don't fret though; we are here to help!

6 Fantastic Tips for Styling Jewelry

Not officially, but there is an art to pairing jewelry with your clothing. A few easy tips are all you need to style your jewelry perfectly. Next time you're out wearing your Heidi Daus jewelry, people will wonder if you have a professional stylist! 

Match Your Necklace to Your Neckline

You want a statement necklace to add to an outfit, not take away from it. High necklines, like a turtleneck or collared shirt, will benefit from large or layered necklaces. Layered necklaces, perhaps several strands of pearls, can be more appropriate for more professional settings. A large statement piece is fabulous for going out. Imagine pairing the "Many Shades of Fabulous" Beaded Crystal Necklace with your favorite turtleneck sweater. It's perfect!

Make Something Plain a Little More Special

Your go-to little black dress can be paired with just about every piece of Heidi Daus jewelry you own. Beyond the classic LBD, solid-colored shirts and plain tops can always use a necklace to add definition and create interest. The "Heidi Classic Gemstone 14mm Triple Strand" Genuine Rose Quartz Necklace could make anything pop!

Wearing Earrings to Improve Your Style

Just like the necklace, there are some gentle guidelines for wearing your earrings to improve your outfit as well. Bold earrings make an outfit luxe. They instantly bring attention to your face. For maximum effect, pick earring colors that contrast with your hair color for the jewlery to show. Consider "Entre Fabuleuse" Crystal Dangle Earrings if you have light blonde, gray, or white hair- as the dark black will really pop against the canvas. 

When to Wear Studs

Studs are perfect for everyday outfits. The "Trillionaire" Crystal Deco Button Earrings can be paired successfully with nearly any outfit, especially if you're already wearing a statement necklace and don't want the two to clash. These unique earrings feature a pyramid shaped cut crystal that gives off rich and expensive vibes. They are available in four colorways, blue, white, pink and aqua. If you’re wearing a high neckline, always go with earrings to bring attention to your beautiful face

Don't Forget the Bracelet!

Short sleeve shirts, three-quarter length tops, strapless dresses, and tank tops work well for bracelets. They show off your arms and add more color to your overall look. There's really no wrong way to wear a bracelet. Feel free to go with bangles, chains, chunky statement bracelets, or layer more than one. When it comes to the bracelet accent piece, you can do whatever your heart desires! The only guideline we have here is to avoid wearing bracelets with long sleeved shirts or jackets, unless you plan on rolling up your sleeves.

Your Final Touch- the Ring

Here’s the great thing about rings from the Heidi Daus jewelry collection- they literally go with every outfit. The opposite of bracelets, statement rings look fantastic with long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, and jackets. A ring adds a little bit of sparkle, which draws the eye towards your fingers and hands. This is especially helpful to feeling glamorous if you’re mostly covered up otherwise. Imagine a sleek black sweater that leads down to your hand wearing the "Fabulous Feng Shui" Oversized Cystal Statement Ring in the Crystal Golden Shadow color option.

Now, you know how to make best use of your jewelry collection without being boring or overly garrish. Hopefully, the above tips help you choose and style jewelry to complement yourself and your wardrobe. We want you to look and feel like a million bucks, without actually spending a million bucks.