How to Choose a Women's Luxury Bracelet

When it comes to our women's bracelets, there are countless designs! We have the "Sparkle My Way" Crystal Bracelet, the "Rose Garden" Crystal Flower Bracelet, and the "Chinoiserie Carving" Crystal Rising Cuff Bracelet, just to name a few. All of these options are great for finding exactly what you have in mind, but can make buying one for yourself or a loved one a little tricky. 

It's important you find a bracelet that is beautiful, reflects the personal style of the wearer, and that feels comfortable to wear. We've broken down the main styles of women's bracelets to choose between and offered some handy tips for how to style the piece to go with your chosen outfit.

There's no complete list of women's bracelet styles, as designers like Heidi Daus are always creating new and exciting pieces that break the mold. However, there are certain designs that have always been popular, and continue to be on-trend today. 

Beaded bracelets

These can be made from beads and pearls. They create an ultra-feminine look and add texture to your outfit. We have many options for beaded bracelets.

Cuff bracelets

This is a "hard" bracelet that doesn't dangle, but stays tight to your wrist. They're typically available in metals and jewels. They can make an eye-catching statement with very little effort! We absolutely adore the "Eternal Love" Crystal Cuff Serpent Bracelet.


Today's bangles are plain metals in gold, silver, or rose gold. They can be stacked on one wrist to add a glossy finish to an outfit. If you prefer a more complex bangle which includes different materials, jewels, or designs across the band, keep it simple and stick to one bangle to make a statement. We recommend the "Sausalito Style" Enamel Crystal Bangle Bracelet to pull off this look.

Braided bracelet

These bracelets are made to look like they're woven with rope or leather. We love the idea of a "laid back" braided bracelet made truly special with the pop of crystals. It's the perfect combination to add flair to any outfit!

Statement bracelet

When the wearer wants all eyes on her, it's time for a statement piece. Often found with complex designs and made from varied materials, lovers of fierce and fun fashion should keep the rest of her outfit simple to allow the statement bracelet to do all the talking. Some of our top statement bracelets include the "Floral Lineage" Enamel & Crystal Link Floral Toggle Bracelet.

The only question that remains is how to style the right bracelet with the right outfit. There are times when you want to be beautiful but subtle, without drawing too much attention to yourself while other times you want all eyes on the piece you have chosen to wear. Remember, a special occasion requires a special outfit. Pay particular attention to what you will be wearing and pick your accessories accordingly. For instance, strapless dresses do not need a necklace; they need a statement bracelet. Can a casual outfit be made a bit more sparkly? Sure you don't want to dress for a lunch meeting in formal evening wear, but that doesn't mean you have to be bland and boring. Add a touch of luxury and fun with the "Color Crazy" Enamel Crystal Bangle Deco Bracelet!