5 Reasons To Choose a Vintage Engagement Ring

Who says your engagement ring has to be just like everyone else's? Not Heid Daus! You are special and your love is extraordinary. Just by being here on our website you've already proven you have exceptional taste. Because of all of this, we suggest you look into a vintage engagement ring. For those who love the style of Heidi Daus jewelry, this look is perfect! Below are just a few reasons why:

#1 It's the look you love.

An engagement ring should be something you wear every day for the rest of your life. Obviously, you need to really like it. You love Heidi Daus rings, festive pins, and vintage lockets. A vintage style engagement ring will go perfectly with your style. An engagement ring that is ultra modern won't look right next to the other jewelry you wear every day. It's just not the look you love, and so it's probably not right for you.

#2 They're unique.

If you can find a true vintage engagement ring, one made a century ago, this piece will be truly one of a kind. Jewelry back then was hand made and so you'll never find two rings exactly alike. Even if you find a ring that looks antique, though technically was made more recently, it will still be very different from the other rings your friends, coworkers, and family wear. Your ring will be unique and special, just like your love.

#3 They're so many details.

Vintage rings are incredibly elaborate. Each way you turn an antique ring, you find a new detail. Antique engagement rings are thoroughly adorned when compared to modern pieces with a plain band and a solitaire diamond. This leads us to our next point…

#4 You don't need to have a diamond.

Wearing a diamond in your engagement ring is actually a pretty new trend. There are so many other beautiful gemstones beyond this! Your vintage engagement ring could have a sapphire, emerald, or pearl. You could even find one with a colored diamond, like yellow or pink. 

#5 You'll be wearing a piece of history.

If you're able to find an authentic vintage engagement ring, you'll have a piece of history on your finger! Some of these rings have been worn for 100 years. Maybe they’ve gone from person to person, symbolizing birthdays and engagements, for decades. Perhaps your ring has been waiting quietly for you in a box. Either way, it is a true honor to wear such a beautiful piece of history. You can keep it going by gifting it to your daughter or grandchild. Diamonds are forever, after all!

The love of your life wants to spend the rest of their life with you too. All that is left to do before you can say "I do!" is to find the perfect vintage engagement ring!