About Heidi's pins

When you're looking for elegant pins that complement your apparel Heidi Daus has the perfect collection for you. Classic pins with beautiful attention to detail which will catch the eye of every passerby. So whenever you feel like stealing the show, make sure to check out Heidi's unique pins to get that fabulous look.

Vintage pins to die for

Heidi's classic pins are truly gorgeous and are sure to take your breath away. But aside from being beautiful, they are also perfect to combine with Heidi's other designs, like her rings for example. So if it's elegant pins you're looking for, Heidi Daus is the place for you.

Order pins online

Heidi's online service makes it possible to buy unique pins online, quickly and with a hassle-free return policy. If you want to order these beautiful pins online but have questions, make sure to reach out to us.