About Heidi's Necklaces

It is paramount for Heidi that all her customers receive intricate designs of the highest quality, each piece treated equally with love and special care. Heidi wants to create a sisterhood. An opportunity to create a bond with other women who also complement their apparel with Heidi’s jewelry. This is only possible if there's a certain consistency in quality with the designs.

Necklaces as you've never seen them before 

Loads of designs are created with other jewelry lines of Heidi in mind, to make sure they work together flawlessly and one doesn't diminish the other. Take a look at one of Heidi's bracelets for example, every color combination complementing the other. 
Additionally, our vintage-inspired necklaces all come with a lifetime warranty which will provide you with FREE repairs for life! Interested yet? Order necklaces online now and receive free shipping on all purchases above $75,-. 

Don't hesitate

Whether you buy Heidi's necklaces online or decide to pay a visit to one of her stores, you can count on getting a treatment fitting for royalty, which Heidi's designs reflect. Unique necklaces are what Heidi specializes in, in addition to her other jewelry lines. So if you feel you or a loved one deserves to look and feel like a queen, Heidi encourages you to take a look at one of her elegant necklaces and decide for yourself if you deserve to look like royalty.