About Heidi's bracelets

From unique bracelets with a little extra flair to necklaces draped in luxury, Heidi's collection contains jewelry that is fit for every occasion. All of her bracelets, though unique, share a common trait, which is the stunning beauty and the love with which these elegant bracelets are crafted. Look no further than Heidi Daus if you're in the market for jaw-dropping designs that are created with the sole purpose to make you look mesmerizing. 

Order bracelets online from the comfort of your home

Heidi's online service ensures you no longer need to trouble yourself and leave your home, you're just a click away if you want to buy vintage-inspired bracelets, luxurious earrings or breathtaking necklaces. When you decide to order bracelets online, you can count on fast free shipping (on all orders above $75) with a 30-day hassle-free return policy.
Additionally, Heidi Daus offers a lifetime warranty on all her designs with FREE repairs for life. Whether you decide to order bracelets online or stop by one of Heidi's physical stores is up to you, she will make sure her designs will up your fashion game.

Get in touch with us

If you're left wanting for more or just need an employee to talk to, don't hesitate and get in touch. The best way to do this is to fill in the contact form on the ‘’contact us’’ part of the website found here. Heidi looks forward to continuing complementing women's apparel with the most luxurious jewelry known to mankind, everything fairly priced and of the highest quality.