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    The Perfect Black & Green Jewelry to Enhance Your Look

    Green black and red jewelry for sale

    Welcome to the enchanting world of our Dragon Pagoda collection, where elegance and mystique intertwine to create extraordinary jewelry pieces. Inspired by the mythical creatures of ancient lore and the captivating beauty of oriental pagodas, this collection transports you to a realm of timeless allure. 

    At its heart lies our stunning black and gold bracelet, an exquisite masterpiece that embodies power and grace. Each delicate link represents a story waiting to be unveiled, beckoning you to explore further. 

    Discover the piece that resonates with your unique spirit and indulge in the magic of our Dragon Pagoda collection. Let your journey begin.


    What Our Customers Have to Say


    Annette M.


    Beautiful cuff. It’s big and bold, just how I like them! I got the small and it’s a little big but very wearable. Love the whole set!

    black and red statement bracelet.

    Nancy W.


    My experience was good and I love my bracelet, looking forward to eventually getting necklaces, earrings and ring that match thank you 😊

    Dragon statement jewelry.

    Cheri R.


    Love it!!!

    About Heidi Daus Statement Jewelry

    For over 35 years, Heidi Daus has been the visionary behind high-end fashion jewelry that mesmerizes and enchants. Her designs are true works of art, adorned with a breathtaking variety of hand-set color crystals. With intricate craftsmanship and captivating color combinations, Heidi's creations redefine the concept of jewelry and elevate it to wearable art. 

    Each piece is a testament to her unique style, inspiring a new generation of collectors among her loyal fans. Opening a box of Heidi Daus black and green jewelry is an experience that takes your breath away, as you become part of a sisterhood defined by elegance, sophistication, and confidence. 

    From nature-inspired motifs to vibrant hues, Heidi's attention to detail and passion for color make her pieces truly exceptional. Step into her world of beautiful black and green jewelry, where each treasure is meant to be cherished and worn with love.

    Keeping Your Heidi Daus Jewelry Clean

    Statement jewelry brand.

    It’s important to note that fine statement jewelry requires the utmost care to maintain

    it shiny, clean, and durable. Some of the most important care tips include:

    • Keep it in your jewelry box. To ensure the longevity of your jewelry, store it in the original Heidi Daus Jewelry box provided. The custom foam padding within offers optimal protection against potential harm. Exposure to elements like humidity, moisture, and dust can lead to deterioration and damage.
    • Avoid contact with cosmetics. To maintain the pristine finish of your jewelry, please refrain from exposing it to hairspray, lotions, and perfumes. These cosmetics can potentially cause color changes. We recommend applying them before wearing your pieces and using minimal amounts in areas where the body comes in contact with the jewelry.

    Beware of water. To preserve the quality of your Heidi Daus jewelry, it should never be immersed or soaked in water. It is advisable to remove rings before washing hands and refrain from wearing jewelry while bathing or swimming. In the event that your jewelry gets wet, make sure to thoroughly dry it before returning it to storage.