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    Statement Bracelets

    Heidi Daus offers unique and eye-catching luxury bracelets for stylish people who love to stand out. From big, over-the-top statement bracelets to more delicate options, you can find it all at Heidi Daus. 

    Heidi Daus women’s designer bracelets are perfect for every occasion. Browse a wide selection of bracelets for the one that fits your style and add the finishing touches to your outfit. Shop for yellow gold, gold plated, enamel bracelets and more options at Heidi Daus.

    Also, remember to watch “Heidi Daus Jewelry Celebration” for the newest statement bracelets by Heidi Daus. 

    What Is a Statement Bracelet?

    A statement bracelet is a bold, unique, and over-the-top bracelet that allows the wearer to express themselves. They are designed to make the wearer stand out and let their personality shine through. 

    Heidi Daus has been designing luxury bracelets for over 35 years. She offers a variety of styles for you to pick the one that best suits your personality

    Why are designer bracelets popular?

    HEIDI DAUS® Maximal Serpent statement bracelet.

    Designer jewelry has increased in popularity due to a variety of factors. Some of them include:

    1. Everlasting: Luxury designer bracelets almost always outlive trends. No matter what’s trending in jewelry at the moment, luxury bracelets are always stylish and fashionable.

    2. Quality: Statement bracelets made by renowned designers are made of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. This ensures the pieces are long-lasting, durable, and can be passed down for generations.

    3. Value: Designer jewelry is also a great investment because they hold value through time. In fact, unique statement bracelets can even increase in value as the years go by

    About Heidi Daus Luxury Bracelets

    Heidi Daus is a renowned jewelry designer that offers the most unique, bold, and eye-catching statement bracelets. She creates stunning color and material combinations to come up with the most intricate pieces. 

    From summer looks, to Christmas-inspired pieces, there is a Heidi Daus luxury bracelet for any occasion. Browse a wide selection of designer bracelets of every color, material, and style at Heidi Daus.

    Customer Favorites

    Heidi Daus enamel and crystal bangle braceletHeidi Daus® "Bar Harbor Elegance" Enamel & Crystal Bangle Bracelet

    Kathy Q.


    This beautiful "Bar Harbor"  enameled bracelet cuff in "turquoise" matches my beautiful crystal "aqua" pieces perfectly!! I was so happy to discover this recently, after purchasing this gorgeous bracelet!! I had purchased the "Alta Moda" ring in aqua to match other H.D. aqua pieces I own, and I found that they are just lovely together!! Another big win for me from Miss Heidi!! Thank you for this gorgeous piece, it's beyond my expectations!!! I wish I had gotten other colors in this style before, but very glad to have purchased this one!! Shop Now


    Heidi Daus beaded crystal pear cap cuff bracelet.Heidi Daus® "Lavish Layers" Beaded Crystal Pearl Cap Cuff Bracelet

    Theresa Triantafilou


    I love this beautiful bracelet.  The coral beads actually matches several other pieces.  You can stack it as shown in my picture or just wear it by itself.  It is paved all around for a glorious sparkle that will definitely get attention!  Shop Now 




    HEIDI DAUS® "Endless Possibilities" Crystal Beaded Interchangeable Bracelet Set

    Martha D. Perlmutter


    I purchased these bracelets in the "golden shadow" color to attach to the "endless possibilities" necklace in the same color, because I wanted a longer option. I also wanted this color because it looks so good with the "Leo" lion magnetic pendant I attached to it. One of the great things about Heidi's jewelry, besides the variety, is the versatility, & this collection is definitely a winner! Shop Now


    How do you wear a statement bracelet?

    Statement bracelets are usually meant to stand out from the rest of your outfit. So ideally, you should pair them with small jewelry pieces that don’t pull attention from the bracelet. In the same arm, you could pair your statement luxury bracelet with a small, dainty bracelet. 

    Why is it called statement jewelry?

    Statement jewelry is meant to make a statement. It should stand out from the rest of the outfit and be a topic of conversation. I should represent the personality of the person wearing it.