How to Put a Bracelet on Yourself

Bracelets are a fantastic way to add a touch of style and personality to any outfit. However, putting one on yourself can sometimes feel like a magic trick requiring three hands. 

Fear not! With a few clever tricks, you can clasp that bracelet on your own in no time. Here’s a guide to help you master self-styling your wrist accessories.

Steps to Put Them On

Getting that bracelet on without a hitch is about technique and a trusty tool you likely already have: the bobby pin. Follow these steps for a seamless, solo bracelet styling experience.

1. Slip a Bobby Pin into the End Ring of the Bracelet and Hook One End Through the Clasp

First, take a bobby pin and slide it through the end ring of your bracelet. The end ring is typically the one with a small loop or hole. Hook one end of the bobby pin through the clasp. This step will create a makeshift handle that will keep one end of the bracelet steady while you maneuver the clasp.

2. Hold the Other End of the Pin in Your Bracelet Hand, Keeping It Stable

Next, hold the free end of the bobby pin with the same hand where the bracelet will go. This hand will act as your stabilizer.

3. Wrap the Bracelet Around Your Wrist and Insert the Clasp into the End Ring

Now, wrap the bracelet around your wrist. With your free hand, guide the clasp towards the end ring. Thanks to the bobby pin holding the end ring in place, you can easily maneuver the clasp into the ring without it slipping away. This step might require some practice, but once you master it, it’s smooth sailing.

4. Pull Out the Bobby Pin and Voila! No Assistance Required to Style Your Bracelet

Once the clasp is securely fastened, simply pull out the bobby pin. And just like that, you've successfully put on your bracelet yourself! It's a small victory, but knowing you don’t need a helping hand to wear your favorite wrist accessory feels rewarding.

How to Take Off a Bracelet Clasp?

Taking off your bracelet can sometimes be as tricky as putting it on. Here’s a quick tip to make it easier: reverse the steps you used to put it on. Hold the clasp with one hand and gently wiggle the end ring free. 

If the bracelet is particularly tight or tricky, you can use the bobby pin again to help guide the end ring out of the clasp. A little patience goes a long way; before you know it, your wrist will be free.

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