The Best Holiday Jewelry Options from Heidi Daus

The Holiday Season is finally upon us! This year has been really tough on a lot of us. That means there is so much pressure to get the Holiday Season "right." Everyone is expecting a lot from their upcoming holiday parties, because they need a pick me up and a few hours of cheer. If you're excited to be attending one, you don't need to be told that your outfit is going to be a big part of whether you look great, feel beautiful, and have the good time you're looking for.

Jewelry is a big part of any outfit, especially one for a special ocassion. When you buy beautiful jewelry pieces online, you can add a beaded crystal necklace, winter snowflake brooch, flashy earrings, or glamorous bracelet to your outfit and all eyes will be on you as soon as you enter the room. Talk about a conversation starter! But which holiday jewelry is the best? We're glad you asked! Here is a list of our favorite holiday pieces right now:

#1 "Guide My Sleigh" Enamel Crystal Pin This piece is sure to carry you through the entire 2020 Holiday Season in stylish fashion. A darling crystal pavé and enamel reindeer leads Santa’s sleigh, packed to the brim with gifts , rendered in crystal pavé. A gold link chain connects the two components of this festive and dynamic holiday pin. It's beautiful and fun!

#2 "Today is a Gift" Enamel Beaded Crystal Locket Necklace Those who celebrate a Holiday Season celebration outside of Christmas love this necklace, because it isn't red or green. This necklace features a strand of incandescent cream pearl beads supporting a ribbon wrapped gift rendered in aquamarine crystal pavé with a bright white enamel bow. The gift opens into a locket, allowing you to keep meaningful photos or mementos close to your heart. You can then wear it again on your birthday!

#3 "Stringing Up the Lights" Crystal Beaded Lariat Necklace Who says you can't have a bit of fun with your statement piece? This holiday lariat features flawless black beads and colorful gemstone christmas light bulbs. Use it to create a look that's sure to make you the life of any holiday party!

#4 "Pure Heaven" Enamel Beaded Crystal Cross Toggle Necklace For many, the "reason for the season" is their Christian faith. What better way to celebrate this than with a large cross necklace? This piece features a beautifully detailed crystal pavé cross composed of cushion cut jet crystals suspended from a coordinating single strand of faceted beads. This necklace is a season-less classic you’ll love year after year, or Sunday after Sunday. 

The 2020 Holiday Season is finally here. This is the perfect excuse to dress up and look your best. In order to do so, you need more than just a pretty cocktail dress or cozy scarf. You need one of these gorgeous jewelry statement pieces!