This Season is to Enjoy our Favorite Vintage Necklaces

You have a unique style. You love to walk into a room and have everyone say "Wow! Look at her!" A lot of this is your personal jewelry collection. You love the vintage look, especially when it comes to necklaces. Something modern and contemporary simply won't do!

You are absolutely correct. Ladies looking for something a little different and very special should consider a vintage inspired necklace from Heidi Daus. Not only will it have an inherent uniqueness and charm, but you can have an amazing style without breaking the bank! 

When shopping for a new vintage necklace, you'll want to pay special attention and keep an eye out for these to these three things:

#1 Unique Center Stones While diamonds are always popular, they're far from the only stone that makes a piece of jewelry beautiful. Other options such as emeralds, pearls, onyx, tanzanite, crystals, and opals are a sure way to make you stand out from the crowd. Imagine walking into a room wearing the "Tailored Elegance" Beaded Crystal Necklace with a large aquamarine center stone. You'll be immediately admired and the talk of the party. 

#2 High Quality Craftsmanship Think of a piece of jewelry as an investment, even if it doesn't cost thousands of dollars. When you shop for a new necklace through Heidi Daus, you can trust that your jewelry was well crafted and it will last the test of time. Something like our "Cushions of Kent" Beaded Crystal Deco Necklace looks like it was handcrafted by mastercraftsmen. Lucky you!

#3 Exclusive Settings Sure, a simple necklace can be the perfect accent piece to some outfits, but on other occasions you want a necklace that really stands out from the crowd. Heidi Daus has these! When you wear the "To The Moon And Back" Beaded Crystal Moon Necklace, "Ravishing Rapture" Beaded Crystal Necklace, or "Parade of Prestige" Enamel Beaded Crystal Elephant Necklace, there is virtually no chance anyone else at the party is dressed the same as you- unless they also love the Heidi Daus necklace collection, of course!

Vintage necklaces can be found at a variety of places including antique stores, jewelers, estate sales, and online of course! Shopping online through the Heidi Daus website is always going to be the most convenient way to see as many options as possible. Go ahead and get started shopping for the necklace of your dreams! As you begin your search, you'll be happy to see that we are currently in the midst of our March Madness Sale. This is your last chance to get up to 80% off stunning pieces! For instance, the "Decorative Dressage" Beaded Crystal Horse Necklace was originally priced at $249.95 and right now it is just $49.95. That's amazing savings on a piece that is sure to turn heads whenever you walk into a room.