3 Reasons To Buy Vintage Jewelry

You want a new piece of jewelry, but you don't want it to actually look new. The new styles just don't appeal to you! Modern pieces are bland and don't have that whimsical style you find so appealing. You're looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry that has an old-fashioned, romantic feel to it. You're looking for vintage jewelry!

Right now, "vintage" describes a piece that was made to look like a piece between 50 and 100 years ago. Since we are in the year 2021, all jewellery produced between 1920 and 1970 is technically "vintage". There's many new jewelry pieces, like those in our collection, that are brand new and designed to capture this fantastic vibe.

There are many reasons someone would opt for vintage-inspired jewelry, like what we design at Heidi Daus. These include:

#1 This Look is Stylish and Trendy.

Celebrities love timeless fashion, so you can always get inspiration from them. Fine vintage jewelry is popular among actresses. In fact, they regularly flaunt antique engagement rings and unique brooches on the red carpet. When you wear antique pieces, you are making a fashion statement! Wear our "Ravishing Rose" Crystal Flower Pin and tell the world you're a hopeless romantic. The "Arrow Of Desire" Crystal Arrow Pin is another favorite for those who love to look stylish, vintage, and trendy.

#2 These Pieces are More Affordable.

Vintage looking jewelry pieces are usually priced lower than comparable contemporary pieces. It's a great way to get a fine piece of jewelry at a good value. For instance, you may decide you want an emerald, ruby, garnet or sapphire gemstones. Diamonds weren't considered the only stone for fine jewelry until fairly recently, so there's no reason to stick to this rule. Also, these pieces typically have brass metal instead of platinum or gold, which is beautiful but much less costly.

#3 You Won't Look Like Everyone Else.

The wide variety of vintage styles makes it easy and fun to personalize your style with pieces that not everyone else will be wearing. For a woman like you, the same piece of jewelry that everyone else has is simply not good enough. You want to buy vintage inspired pieces, not one identical to something half a dozen other girls on your social media feed have. Take our "Fabulous Feng Shui" Beaded Crystal Statement Bracelet. This look is sure to have all eyes on you when you walk in the room. You can know for sure no one else will be wearing this same bracelet!

There are great pieces that look vintage, but technically are not. This is because they were made recently, but crafted to look like these beautiful styles. You get the look you love, with the guarantee of quality because it was made recently, by a brand name you can trust. This is perfect! You get the best of both worlds!