4 Summer Jewelry Care Tips

Heidi Daus jewelry is known for extraordinary design, unparalleled craftsmanship, dazzling dimensions, and a wonderful pairing of color and light. You don't just want to buy a new necklace, you want a necklace that will ensure all eyes are on you when you walk in the room. It is not just new necklaces, of course. Our Heidi Daus online collection also features earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches and pins

The moment your ordered jewelry pieces arrive and you try them on for the first time, your ears, neck, or wrist will shine ever the brighter. You will love your jewelry so much, you will certainly want to make sure you care for them properly so they last for years to come. In the summertime, this can be difficult. The sun, sand, and water may be fun for you but they are detrimental to your favorite jewelry pieces! You should take care of your jewelry all year round, but the summer months call for extra TLC. In order to avoid damage or even ruin, you'll want to follow a few pieces of expert advice:

#1 Water and jewelry don't mix! Whether it is a chlorine pool, the ocean, or a hot tub, you're going to want to remove all jewelry before you get in the water. Any type of water can damage and discolor metals and will slowly erode the finish and polish of the crystal gemstones.

#2 Put on jewelry after sunscreen. You're headed outdoors. You're not going in the water so you want to show off your perfect beachy jewelry, like our "Royal Water Horse" Crystal Seahorse Earrings or "Sea Worthy" Crystal Magnetic Sea Turtle Charm Pendant. Don't wear the jewelry when applying sunscreen, as this can cause a film to form on your jewelry, making it appear dull and dingy. Put on your jewelry last, after any lotions or creams.

#3 Wipe your jewelry after wearing it. Even when putting it on after your sunscreen, your pieces of jewelry are resting on sweaty skin all day long. Once you are home, use a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth to wipe away any sweat or summer lotions. This will ensure that it is clean before storage.

#4 Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place. You don't want to just toss pieces this great just anywhere! Keep your Heid Daus jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in a box with compartments and dividers to prevent pieces from scratching each other. Not only is this the best way to store them so they last for years to come, but it also makes it much easier to find the exact jewelry piece you are looking for next time you get dressed.

Don't let the summer months ruin your favorite jewelry pieces! By following these tips, your jewelry is sure to last well into the fall and longer.